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  1. yer and its high in zink
  2. haha i came to say the same thing dog. love the name bastard lol

  3. cool name lol

  4. All the praying in the world wont do a thing. Just leav it alone for now and use a sunscreen to prevent any blotchyness when the scabs fall of. In young people the epidermis (top layer of skin) sheds every 14 to 28 day
  5. Never been to NSW before but im shore it would be nice. Just like most of the australian coast
  6. The day i got my licence would have to be another favourite. Thats if you can have more than one
  7. The first time i got stoned. One of my favourite memeries definetly the funiest.I smile nearly every time i think of that day
  8. the chicken came first in real life. i hardly had any wories b4 acne
  9. some people expect to much out of friends. good compony is all u should expect