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  1. I THINK You get blood tests before so the doctors can see if everything is functional, then when you go on accutane if anything changes for the worse they can take you off or lower your dose. Dont quote me on that though.
  2. Well ive been on accutane for 4 months now and besides the redness i'm pretty much all cleared up. I started to see results around the first month. From there its been all good.
  3. Ok im pretty new to this site but ill give this whole forum thing a whirl. Im 15 and have struggled with acne since puberty. Like right when i hit puberty it was like BAM!! acne always like a little above moderate but not severe so it was pretty bad and very consistent. No matter what i tried i kept getting them so after a million visits to the derm and her perscrips. I finally just said f**k it lets go on acutane. Ive been taking it for 2 months now (5'10 120 lbs, two 40 mg pills twice a day, y
  4. I say you should try acutane. Ive been on it and my skin has cleared up well. Ive been fighting acne since puberty so ive had it for a while. (About 3 years now) and acutane has been THE ONLY that seems to work for my skin. If you like me have tried every remedy in the book, and nothing has worked i highly suggest acutane.