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  1. Similarly - I want to start taking a multivitamin. I've selected one that does not have iodine in it. I learned the hard way about that one. Its a vitamin and mineral supplement with Vitamin B complex, Biotin and Zinc. Other big items on the list are Vitamin A, E, D, folic acid, magnesium selenium, chromium, potassium. Does that sound safe ? Thanks in advance for your response!
  2. Hi Guys Does any one know whether CLA - conjugated linoleic acid will cause acne breakouts? I've been 100% clear on the regimen now for 6 weeks. I dont want to screw it up....
  3. I tried Jane Iredale pressed base. First of all it costs a fortune and now having tried many other brands this one is just not worth it. It made my skin look really really shiny (thats the bismuth oxycholride -otherwise known as the dewy look) and my pores look enormous. The colour is hard to match and they dont take returns. I broke out in little bumps after using this. My mineral makeup of choice is everyday minerals. Its absolutely fantastic coverage, they send you samples for free so y