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  1. Acne is embarrassing; there's no question about it. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. But I will admit that my 6 years of up and down skin has changed me for the better. I quit smoking cigaretttes, drink way less alcohol, stay hydrated, eat healthy, exercise, and feel as though I've shaped a much more pleasant, humble personality. I'm also much less judgemental and thrive at school (i like hiding my face in books). Acne sucks, but it is what it is. And until we find out sweet spot of
  2. Since I've noticed a definite link between my cycle and flare ups, I think I'm going to try a saliva hormone test. I'll have to verify the best time to do it, but if I can I'll try to take it when my hormones and acne are at their craziest. I've tried herbal hormone balancing supplements and diets; they help but don't make it easy to pinpoint what the imbalance, if any at all, I may have. Maybe it's genetics, maybe it's giving into good cravings during these days, but it could be hormones.
  3. Best of luck! Let us know how it works!
  4. I usually wash 3 times a day. I get dirty at work and get grossed out when I get home. I feel like it would do more harm to my skin to let it stay dirty a few extra hours.
  5. Hey ladies, I'm 25 and had pretty bad acne in high school. My adult life still involves regular breakouts, primarily around week 3 of my cycle. I recently found out I've got endometriosis and from what I understand it can indicate that you may have more estrogen than your body can properly use. (Please correct me if I'm mistaken, medical jargon can mix me up. ) Excess estrogen can also cause acne. Has anyone ever heard of something that can shed light on this? I've read about h
  6. I've read some horror stories about laser treatments for scars. Admittedly, I'm not too well read on the broad scope of them, but from my understanding it cause cause more damage in a lot of cases. I'd stick out what you're doing and see how it looks over time. Keep taking pictures to mark your progress; it can be tough to see otherwise, given that you see your skin everyday and might not notice improvement without the pictures to compare.
  7. I just had my first half stength jessner peel (7%) and only 5 days post. I've got shallow scars, hyperpigmention, and some active acne. So far it's nice cause it's just a little flaking and I think the blackheads on my nose have gotten smaller. My skins seems smoother cause it's tight from being dry, but I definitely don't see any new damage. I agree with the poster that said it probably won't do much harm, if any. Its very light.
  8. I tried using it for my acne marks while still gettng active breakouts; it just made me break out more.