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  1. Hi There,

    Im currently trying to fix my methylation issues. Would you be able to tell me what supplements you are using for that, 

    Thank you,


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    2. Khrisny


      Thanks MD, do you mind me asking on how many mg of folic acid you are on, how often do you take it, and what do you notice has improved?

      Im currently not using anything and some days not to well. 

    3. MonsterDiesel


      I stay close to the rda so 400 mcg per day.  I've noticed improved mental clarity, some cognitive functions are also better.  It sounds strange, but im understanding things better if that makes any sense.  All the effects are mild but noticeable.  Im using folic acid since methylfolate doesnt work for me.  Im on the fence about folinic acid.

      Do you mind if I ask how old you are and how long ago you took tane?

    4. MonsterDiesel


      I forgot to mention, folic acid warmed up my hands.  I suffer from cold hands and feet.  My body in general feels cold and chilled.  Even when I lived in a warm climate.  Now that im in a cold climate, in suffering.  But this is definitely helping.

  2. Hey Joseph,

    Thats great that your fine so much better, I was wondering did you have any drones issues, did that return for you as well.

    Also for the trial, what dos did you start off on?




  3. Thank you for all your help Tran. If you could share your breakfast shake that would be great. Also, can you let me know what supplements you are currently on.
  4. Hi I am new to this form but after battling accutane side effects for 5 years and trying all sorts of things such as antibiotics and birth control I've decided to go the natural route. The side effects I experience is flushed face that releases some sort of oil on my skin and hair. My hair has thinned out and started falling out on top of being very itchy along with my face. My glands all feel like they been dryed, my eyes, my nose, my mouth my skin, everything. I think this also effected me hav