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  1. Yea ,I'll have to get an appointment but it's so dam expensive. Like 200$. That topical cream for dermatitis removed everything , all thats left is a bit of redness which I guess will fade with time.
  2. Hi , I've had ''acne'' for the past 5-7 years I've tried countless products, some of them helped, some were useless. It all started wth a red rash on the left side of my face close to my nose. When I went to my dermatologist he didn't know what it was... he just gave me an acne topical cream to try which was pretty much useless. At the time I was still going through puberty so I thought It was just acne. So I went and tried almost every acne products. From your basic drugstore products and natur
  3. the less products you use on your skin the better , your skin will thank you xD I don't use anything but only water to wash my face and I exfoliate with sugar once every 1-2 weeks
  4. nah , I remember using sheet masks that had honey as ingredient. It soothes the skin and reduce redness
  5. I'm using a topical gel for my Rosacea , it's called Prosacea gel .... it has sulphur in it , it helps with redness , bumps and dryness but I think it works best for pimples than for redness. You can find it at your local drugstore
  6. Thank you very much. Yes I'll keep that in mind, I'll avoid SA on big whiteheads IIt does leave a little hole on the skin but it goes away pretty fast , well for me :)
  7. Yea, at night I gently rub with my fingers . I've tried with a washcloth before but it made my skin look red ......I know that the washcloth works for some people. For makeup , I don't really know since I don't use it. You can use cottonpads but I don't know if it will completly remove your makeup.You could probably try the OCM. before everything irritated my skin that I've used Q-tips to gently exfoliate my nose xD
  8. I've been doing this since january I think ..... It's ok if you get a little bit of water on your face while showering but make sure it isnt too hot
  9. btw how many times do you wash your face? once , twice a day? I splash my face with cold water (not too cold) in the morning and pat dry with my hands until it's dry and I do the same at night but I gently massage the skin a little bit while washing I also try to not get water on my face when I shower because the water is usually hot and shampoo can also irritate the skin
  10. I still have blackheads ..... it doesn't help it nor increase how many blackheads I get .... I've always had a problem with blackheads on my nose even when I was using skincare products
  11. Yeah , I think the only down side for me with this regimen is deadskin .....I've been looking for masks that I'll use once every 2 months so my pores don't get clogged with deadskin
  12. I don't have reallyy bad acne. I have Rosacea so almost every product irritated my skin so I decided to stop using cleansers and only wash my face with water . It took a few weeks to see a noticeable difference. If I get a pimple it does really heal faster and doesn't look as red. Since water doesn't completly strips out your natural oils like a cleanser , I don't have that thight skin feeling after I wash my face with water and my skin doesn't have to over produce oils because it feels dry.
  13. what's ''reverse osmosis''? filtered water?
  14. The water only regimen as been working good for me. The caveman regimen (not even water) also works but my face always looked oily and deadskin builds up and I didn't like it xD