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  1. ^^lol thanks, i was supposed to be back at work today but called in sick. I have two damn huge zits right on my chin, two of them together, right next to each other so if you miss seeing one damn hell your not gonna miss the other . But yea, gonna have to come in tomorrow or the boss will not be happy. If they all give me hell then screw them, acnes not gonna last forever plus some of them have bad breath anyway Day 24 This is gonna be a short update. So right now i think im finally past my
  2. Oh the pores, my god the pores. The ones on my cheeks i swear theyve gotten bigger. Im on Day 24 now, though im quite a happy chappy since my IB finally calmed down last week, so it lasted for only around a week and a half. My skin is really dry and red and is looking really rough and just a ton of blackheads like ive never seen before. Not sexy at all . Actually i was supposed to get back to work today but i called in sick, thats how bad it looked. Anyway, theres no point hiding forever, im gon
  3. Wow, great progress, things are going pretty fantastic!!! About that picking at night thing, try going to bed with skiing gloves or even oven mitts just to keep yourself from involuntarily scratching your face If anyone asks about the gloves, tell them the truth, we got nothing to be ashamed of lol
  4. i feel for you man, im in NZ and i have to book 1-2 months in advance to get an appointment with my derm. Your dosage definitely is lower than the 0.5 mg/kg recommended dose. im 110 pounds, and i got started on 30 mg.
  5. success stories never fail to lift my spirits. thanks for the post xxx
  6. lucky that girls can wear make-up, us men can't, well technically we can but you know what i mean . You look great btw, doesnt look like you have acne at all!
  7. ^^Hi sorry took me a while to reply, was away for the holidays in a farm with no internet (and an outhouse for a toilet ) To answer your question, i cant really say if its helping or not. Though i am on topical tretinoin, its only half strength and my face has not been as red (it looked hideously sunburned) as when i was on it three years ago which i had to stop after like a month. My face is noticeably redder than when i started my tretinoin+accutane treatment so i guess in that respect it has
  8. for me it was around day 7 that i noticed the first side effects (dry lips).
  9. Wow, im very happy that youve had such great results after only 2 months!! Im intrigued that youve mentioned a change in diet as having helped you improve your acne. I've eliminated caffeine and High GI foods from my diet after reading research publications in science journals and i can tell you it definitely definitely reduced the amount of cysts and nodules by as much as 50-60%.
  10. ^^ great news, glad things are goin well for ya. hopefully ill be as lucky by 40 day mark. I dont mind if my bacne worsens anyway, at least its not on my face:D
  11. wow pretty happy your starting to get results during your third week. Im on day 16 so just few days behind you. hope next week my IB starts to calm down cause im going back to work. I hope upping the dose doesnt lead to another IB for you, though from what ive been reading, people tend to breakout after an increase in dosage. Oh well stay strong, few more months and youll be clear!!!!
  12. were you on a low dose before?? and how long was the accutane course???? lol its funny, i also put off starting my accutane for a whole week for the christmas season drinking
  13. My derm gave me 0.025% tretinoin (which is retin-A in the states i think?) to "help" with the initial breakouts. He forget to tell me tretinoin by itself also causes an IB I was on Dan's regimen of BP and AHA lotion before going on the tane, my derm basically told me to stop everything. The BP ends up irritating the skin = more breakouts and AHA is an exfoliant which is a no no since my skin would be quite thin because of the tretinoin. About the cleocin/epiduo treatment that you do, the ep
  14. so was the second month much worse than the first month for you??? im starting to get worried now cause im currently on day 12 and im giving a very important presentation on february involving one entire department of my university. was hoping to get the first breakout out of the way by the first month and have semi-decent skin by feb