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  1. I'm not really stressed about it as much as confused. It is lack of sleep would'nt I break only during the week cuz on weekends I get plenty of sleep. I"m on the regimen been on since the summer. No acne anywhere besides my chin and nose and theres only like 3 visible spots total. Now that I think about it during the summer this didn't happen to me and i was getting 10 hours a sleep. It has started when school started. School is very easy for me so it's not stress I bet its lack of sleep and on
  2. But seeing pimples forming on my face and not being able to explain it makes me angry and you know what happens when The Incredible Hulk gets angry. j/k but seriously if it can't be explained is there anything I can do to prevent this. Usually I go to bed like at 1 am on school days and I wake up to get ready at 7am this week im gonna try going to bed early like 11 all week and see if this still happens.
  3. People say that intial breakouts are caused by the product "surfacing all of the bad stuff in your skin" i think its because the product is irratating your skin. Just keep using it your skin will get used to it soon enough. Give it 3 weeks.
  4. This is weird. Almost every Friday night I get new pimples and only Friday Night and they're only on my chin and nose. Although its usually only a couple of small ones which are gone before the weekend is over it still confuses me why only on friday night and only my chin and nose. What should I do put a ton of bp on those areas thursday night and Friday morning Any help is greatly appreciated. Also I've heard that acne on your nose and chin are hormonal I'm 13 so that's definently a factor but
  5. I did some researching and refined Carbs are: Bleached Flour (white Flour) White Bread White Pasta, Crackers etc. anthing made with white four also white sugar AND brown sugar are considered refined Carbs im not sure about corn syrup or honey yet.
  6. On the abcnews website http://abcnews.go.com/wire/SciTech/reuters...021204_481.html theres an article on the Link to acne and eating refine carbohydrates
  7. Everyone knows that On the spot is really expensive here is something I found out to make it last a little longer. When you think its empty cut it open with scissors and with your finger scoop out the rest. I can usually get about 2 teasons out. Im guessing you could also do this with the moisterizer.
  8. Eucerin Renewal it helps fade redmaeks and even out your skin just make sure youve been on thge regime on a while or your skin will really burn.
  9. Eucerin Renewal it helps fade redmaeks and even out your skin just make sure youve been on thge regime on a while or your skin will really burn
  10. What I know is its an alpha-hydroxy moisturizer which means it helps exfoliate you skin. Ive been using it for 2 days and it feels fine it just makes my face a little red.
  11. Yeah you were right thanks alot you saved me alot of hassle.
  12. I been on the regime for about 2 months Ive been using the neutrogena Moisture moisturizer. I want to start to use the eucerin renewal. But im 13 so I cant but it on-line. I live in CT can anyone tell me what store has it. thanks