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  1. I just did the laser dermabrasion today but I am thinking about to take another accutane course how long should I wait for I heard that accutane would stop the skin healing by collagen it would be nice if you guys can answer this thanks!!
  2. my skin was always dry while i taking accutane recently, i am not sure what i am doing wrong i am not sure because i ate some protein bars, or because i change my bread from wheat to whole grain(wheat has more fat i think), or because the weather just got hotter... i am so scared to become the old me again, please, someone gives me some advise? thanks
  3. i took accutane for two to three months now and i was stupid to take creatine protein and some medicine that can help u build ur muscle for about one week and then now my liver doesnt feel very well when i take a deep breath i can feel my liver hurts i dont know if i should quit or not but i m half way there i really dont want to make the effort just gone like that
  4. just wondering is there any food i cant eat when i take accutane
  5. i used AHA before, and thats why i got so many acne i dont know why, but my skin just get irritate when i do exfoliac AHA has that function too
  6. r u sure u had acne before? ur skin is so clear
  7. shoulnt use make up when u have acne but its easy to say hard to do especially u r a girl wait guys dont use make up though wat am i talking bout lol btw i can imagine how pretty u will be after the accutane session
  8. what a long story lol my story is longer than urs though lol but too lazy to write it down i think u should use the products on ur skin as less as u can i used to applied lots of stuff before i went to bed and then it made my face and back sticky and uncomfortable but i thought it was nothing(based on I believed it could heal my acne problem) but it made even worse now i dont use anything before i go to bed and its much better, just try to keep ur face nice and clean all the ti
  9. the question is my lunch and dinner time is 12 or 1 and 5 to 6 i just dont know if i should seperate the time longer or does it make a different?
  10. just curious about this question since the doseage has to be ur weight times 150 so wat if ur weight went up does it mean that acne could come back again
  11. after i took accutane i have lots of dan druff anyone know what i suppose to do? i use head and shoulder :S
  12. not sure if it gives the better chance to stop the acne permantly or is it dangerous? thx
  13. i got some bumps on my nose for a long time i did CO2 laser before it worked a little but didnt fix the whole problem so whats the best way to fix these scar
  14. no they dont its like CO2 laser but instead of CO2 they use something else
  15. okay i just did this surgery in my home country Taiwan in this summer but I really dont know what its called though but its new kind of laser just came out in this year the special thing is the computer can calculate how deep the laser suppose to go and would not go too deep to damage the skin at all so the laser goes deeper or not go deeper depepends on the scars and the computer so has anyone heard of this surgery here yet btw its much cheaper to do the surgery in Taiwan than here i just dont
  16. alright thanks i was thinking maybe I should wait 4 weeks between sessions i havent found a surgeon yet but do u have any idea how much it would cost to do both cheeks i guess i cant afford full face
  17. i think the only way to solve the problem is accutane or aging when ur skin gets drier the skin thinks u dont have enough water in ur skin so the oil gland produces oil to protect ur skin if u r a sensitive skin then u shoulnt use retin A its a pretty strong medicine try to moisturize ur skin more(the one without oil) then ur skin wont produce as much oil as now because it doesnt need to it is one tough job to dealing a bad skin i really hope my age would stay before 12 yea
  18. i believe its because ur red mark it takes time to make it disappear but do u still get acne as much as before?
  19. i really hope miracle would happen to me one of my friend he took accutane before and then he has never gotten acne again in his life but when i met him his face was clear already so i didnt know how bad his skin was anyway does anyone here experienced the miracle yet i also heard that accutane only can last for one to two years and then u will get acne again
  20. nah i just googled accutane and found this article
  21. I think the general rule is to wait 3 or 4 weeks in between treatments. check out the super long Fraxel thread, it's really worth the time to go through it if you are seriously considering giving Fraxel a go. where is that at? i mean super long Fraxel thread
  22. not sure if it works better if u wait for awhile between the sessions or does it work better if u just do it one by one right away
  23. Not sure how far you are from the Canadian border, but in in Windsor Ontario there's a clinic with a new fraxel. Place is called Cygnus. (519) 979-6141. I can't get fraxel yet because I'm still recovering from accutane. thx man, but does it really work?
  24. http://www.drmirkin.com/morehealth/G200.htm just read this article in the end, he said if the patient get acne again after the accutane treatment he usually prescribe 40mg x 4 per day for one month isnt it too much?