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  1. I started breaking out senior year too, which sucks but I managed to graduate. The reason why you're breaking out on tretenoin is because it brings up all clogged pores, basically purges acne (correct me if I'm wrong people). Basically, it gets worse to get better. I'm on week two of it right now but I think I'm gonna stop using it because it makes my face way too sensitive. But you're supposed to break out when you first start using it
  2. I was prescribed on the sulfur cleanser in 2014 and my acne cleared up nice along with clindamycin phosphate topical gel and cetaphil moisturizer. Unfortunately I'm breaking out now because I haven't use the cleanser which I recently back on. I'd say it's a great cleanser
  3. Yeah I don't take the antibiotic pills anymore. And I'm so sorry to hear about your depression. If you need anyone to talk to, about anything really just message me! I'm super friendly and love helping people out of their depression and it also helps me forget about mine
  4. yeah, im seriously in a whole new level of depression, or a chain of depression because all my friends are grown up, acne free, with jobs, and i feel like i cant accelerate in life because of my acne. i honestly became obssessed with looking at peoples skin to compare mine with. i feel so gross when i get food and the slightest piece touches my face. I hate being under sunlight because i feel like the sun would damage my skin and plus make scars more visible. Acne really is a serious condition,
  5. Omg, I honestly thought I was the only one who thought acne ruined my life. It's honestly relieving to know that I'm not mentally insane to let acne prevent me from socializing. I'm in college, and because of acne, I don't go to job internship fairs, school events etc. just recently deleted my social media accounts because I'm trying to restrain from public perception of "perfect". It's insane how acne killed my self confidence, and for the first time on this forum in admitting that I spend HUND
  6. so basically, ive been struggling with acne since i graduated high school, the spring of my senior year. up to that point, i really had clear skin, ofc occasional pimples here and there. but that spring really did a number on me. its been about 3 years since i started breaking out, i used to only get one pimple at a time and it was never on my cheeks. it would be in random places like on my eyebrow or chin. but now, i cant go a week without a pimple on the cheek, its beyond embarrasing to say th