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  1. im not oily but acne is coming back. i hate it. how my nose used to look. now i have bumps , white heads, and black heads, and 3-6 pimples around my face. sigh. is it worth it going for the second round? i feel like i want to, but i want reassurance( yeah i know there isnt) . im just sick of this i enter college without acne and now im getting it all back. sigh plus i work at a retail store so i dont want to get all self conscious because of this. any comments are welcome.
  2. I was on 80 mg for 5 months my skin was the best its ever been post accutane then the little whiteheads started to come. I went to my derm and refused to put me back on accutane and gave me ethrymocin face wipes, which did nothing. It continued to get worse and worse so I have to take matters into my own hands and get some accutane online so i been taking a low dose of that so far for the past month. if i have to do this , im going to ask u where u get them from . seriously. accutane is the
  3. thanks for responding, many lurk around here but they dont bother to reply , yeah im getting the feeling that i want to go back on it before my face gets worse. my appointment for my derm is on december and i wish that my face will not go crazy before that date. so retin a is out of the question? dont do it? my bumps on my nose are so nasty, theyre invisible in pictures but in person u can see them . so how is it being on accutane the second time? and did your derm hesitate to give it to you?
  4. im clear now, but lately ive been getting white heads with pus.. theyre tiny but u can see them. they go away right away but the last 2 are not.. theyve been there for 3 days . any help? suggestion? also my nose have these bumps i think theyre scars but theyre making me self conscious. did anybody use anything after using accutane? like retin a, etc?
  5. i finished my accutane course about 2 months ago, and im glad to be acne free , i just want to know what you guys use after accutane? cleanser? moisturizer? i just dont want to let go of this clear skin. whats the best product? i wont be seeing my derm til december. right now im using Cerave cleanser its not drying my skin but it actually give me a shiny look lol...
  6. saw your pictures and it doesnt look bad, but of course we see things that others dont.
  7. thanks you!, the next visit i will mention this to my derm.
  8. i went to my derm today and i told him my nose hasnt improve and what did he said? HE SAID THEY MIGHT BE CYST AND WILL NOT GO AWAY, my confidence just went down. my face is clear except my nose, freakin nose is in the center of our face.. the way he said it, it was so sudden and fast.. i read somewhere here that their derms injected or put a needle to their cysts? what do you call that? pls respond
  9. thank you guys for replying, hopefully itll turn out good, and after 6 months , im acne free, it feels good to look in the mirror again after having acne for 5 years. im 18 now heading for college and i dont want to worry about stuff like this.
  10. im on the fourth month, i dont even need to use moisturizer anymore? im gonna be on Accutane for 6 months and im afraid its not fully working . im worried im actually clear now , except my nose, i still have about 4 pimples there and lots of white heads. My skin is not dry, does this mean im gonna be oily and full of pimples again after im done accutane , im on 60 mg for 6 months. lips not dry since 3th month. also how do you do the Cummulative . i weigh 133lbs, on 60mg for 6 months?
  11. me too and when we drive around at night its so comforting. Also we're all going away for college so we're making the most out of it right now.
  12. ive been taking accutane for months now, and im a senior in high school graduating in June, got accepted to the college of my dream. I learned who my real friends are. honestly i don't think of myself as an attractive person but since starting accutane i sometimes notice myself smiling looking in the mirror So basically -my spirit of not wanting to be alone -sometimes being miserable=good grades -not being on the internet a lot because of acne, forced myself to get out and not look in the
  13. so i got my insurance fixed and im back on track, so month 2.5 im on 60 mg/day , he prescribes me 90 20mg of accutane. he said i can take 20mg in the morning and 40 at night. but i don't eat breakfast. anyone did this before? any changes?