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  1. walkonmoveforward

    (Ro)Accutane 30mg log.

    I would give it some time. Isotretinoin takes time to produce the results we are all seeking. Talk to your Dermatologist about your concerns.
  2. walkonmoveforward


    I'm going through the IB now also. My Derm told she expects it to start getting better when she ups my dosage from 40mg to 60mg. We shall see....I wish you the best with your treatment.
  3. walkonmoveforward

    38 year old Male Absorica Diary

    So I have high triglycerides as a result of isotretinoin. I talk about it briefly here.
  4. walkonmoveforward

    38 year old Male Absorica Diary

    Well I'm getting acne in areas that are typically clear (like my nose) and i'm getting very large nodules along my jawline. I'm also getting alot of breakouts around my mouth. My Dermatologist told me that she expects when I up my dosage to 60mg the IB should start getting better. We shall see...
  5. walkonmoveforward

    My Experience - 22 Female 60mg Claravis

    I'm on month one and I'm starting to get my IB. I hope everything works out for you.
  6. walkonmoveforward

    accutane progress

    I just completed one month and i'm only now starting to get my IB. I hope things start improving for you soon.
  7. walkonmoveforward

    38 year old Male Absorica Diary

    Merry Christmas! I'm one month in and the IB has begun....... Video Diary
  8. walkonmoveforward

    38 year old Male Absorica Diary

    Week One: So far. So good. No disastrous side effects to report just yet. Little bit of dry lips and my acne is nasty as usual. Onward I go..... Video Diary
  9. walkonmoveforward

    Absorbica Journey

    I just recently started as well. Best of luck to you.
  10. Hi Everyone, I am a 38 year old male suffering from lifelong severe treatment resistant acne. I have decided to try a six month course of treatment with Isotretinoin. I will be documenting my journey on video and you are welcome to follow my progress. Wish me luck! Video Diary