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  1. Thanks so much for your reply!!! This is what it looks like today it has flattened completely and is the same texture of my skin now so I'm hoping it will just become a dark spot and will continue to fade with time!
  2. Does this look like it could be or starting to be a hypertrophic scar? I had a pimple last week that I picked at, but nothing extreme or anything. It was larger then usual, and never really went down. It then got flaky and once the flakiness came off I was left with this. The texture isn't rough, it's just slightly raised above my skin. I am not prone to these types of scars and have relatively good skin so I am confused where this is coming from. Will this go away on its own? [Edited image out]
  3. thank you so much! i know my skin is not bad by any means! i guess they are just scars that i see, and i am very critical of myself sometimes!! my chin area is where i am most insecure, the picture didn't do it any justice i suppose.. but thank you for your reply it is probably best that i just leave well enough alone. thanks so much!