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  1. well, I haven't been here in forever. Got to admit, it was getting pretty frustrating having written all the details and getting the same questions over and over. Life has gotten busy and I'm traveling a lot so won't be back often. I'm still happy with the results. The scars have not come back. The right side settled down to two little scars completely gone. One larger one 80 percent gone. On the left side it's still about 50 percent. It was one honkin' scar, I'll have you know. I could
  2. A couple of roll-cit notes: It took about six months for me to see the full benefit of the first roll-cit I had done. During that time, some days I'd look in the mirror and swear I'd wasted time and money. I also had a breakout, really itchy hives, right after the procedure. Thought it was from the environ cleanser sebutol that I decided to try (or some name like that), must have an allergy to it. Nasty stuff -- threw it away. The bumps went away quickly and didn't scar. The skin around
  3. I'm just checking in to say I'm going to have another roll-cit procedure done in Jan or Feb. I'm really happy with the results I got from the first one but knew I'd need more than one treatment. I think two more will do it. I will post the next results here when I do it. I have a request. People are pm-ing me with questions and the info is already in my previous posts. If you have a question for me, please make sure I haven't already answered it in prior posts. I wrote those long-wi
  4. Hi, Sorry it's been so long. I don't come here anymore for the most part. Yes, Bossen, I'm still really happy with the results. The scars have continued to fill a bit over the months -- I'm guessing it's 55 percent improvement now. I believe I will only need one more rolling to fill these scars in. As said above, I had five scars worked on. The two shallow ones have filled in completely. The two deepest ones filled in from the sides and are shallower. The last scar, which was somewhat nar
  5. The scar improvement is at about 50 percent right now. The scars sank back in for awhile-- when the swelling went down. Now they have been plumping up more over the last couple of weeks. I'm hoping that trend will continue. I will most likly have to have the chin area done again though, because the scars were pretty deep. The skin texture looks great.
  6. So it's been a little over two weeks since I had the roll-cit done and I'm really happy with the results. My chin is only very slightly pink -- don't even need makeup to cover it. The left side scar is 50 -60 percent lessened. The other two smaller scars on that side are gone. The right side two scars are 80 percent gone. I'm confident there will be more fill-in in the next six weeks. I say that because after the swelling went down, everything cratered for a couple of days to almost exactl
  7. Linny, I've detailed my experience of cit therapy in the long posts above. Wise of you to ask about nerve damage, I hadn't even thought of it -- and had a bit of a sharpish pain on the right side, a nervy kind of pain, for a couple of days. It's gone now. The needles are really thin -- they probably go less deep than acupuncture needles. That's not a fact, just my guess. Day 7: Today is a week since I've had it done. The pink is still there, but flesh tone is returning around the ed
  8. d, what you're saying about docs in Australia could very well be true. It's also possible that 1) people's skin, nutrition, body healing capabilities are very different -- and this guy lucked out and the cit worked for him or 2) he's had multiple cit procedures. Also, in the picture, it looks like he's still a bit swollen, which would plump out the scars. My two cents. I agree with Bern, people don't really care about your scars.
  9. Check out this site: http://www.weinstein.com.au/skin/collagen/ I did a google search for "collagen induction therapy" just to see what was out there. This is the best thing I found. My scars are not as bad as this guys were. He's looking great.
  10. Will, I had been using the environ products for a couple of months. My doc wanted the skin to be conditioned with the products (specifically the vit. a cream and c-boost) before using the roll-cit. The products are expensive. I'd run out of a couple of things: got the classic night cream (one step above the mild cream -- you need to upgrade incrementally with these products) for $47. and c-boost for $84. They say the tubes last three months. My first ones lasted two, but I think I was
  11. Day three: the pinkness is fading. I'm using more of the c-boost cream, and addition to the essentiA, and am sure that's helping. The swelling is lessening. Makeup could easily cover this coloring. And right now the craters are gone -- so I get an idea of what it may look like. wahoo. Maya, there's an article on the environ website: http://www.environ.co.za/ Here's the quote I mentioned: "Contraindications Not for type IV, V and VI skin where pigmentation of the scars may occur G
  12. ylem, I went to a dermatologist for it. Maybe plastic surgeons are charging more. She was rather aggressive with the rolling -- I read somewhere a wimpy rolling doesn't do much good. I could hear a bit of crunching sometimes (friends who get botox say they hear crunching also). She wasn't too aggressive, which can also be bad -- it can cause scarring. I'm in Hawaii. She charged me $450 for the medical roll-cit, which was a pleasant surprise since I'd seen it listed for $500. She charg
  13. Day 2: No bruising, still swollen (but the chipmunk bulges are almost gone), area is only slightly pink. It's a little stingy feeling, and a little achy, but no real pain. I'd have no problem going out. Could easily cover all this with make-up. Even without make-up doesn't look bad. Maybe like a slight allergic reaction to a something. Keeping area well covered with environ essentiaA, environ vit. A cream and then a covering of vaseline. I don't expect anything to look filled in fo
  14. I'm a little bummed Honolulu_Baby hasn't come back to report her progress -- and neither has anyone else. One can only assume it's because things are going well. Usually people are all over this board when they have a complaint about a treatment. So I'm picturing Baby, happy and smooth and getting on with her life in her newly found loveliness. I'd written to her cause I already had an appointment set up for roll-cit -- and probably with the same doc. So with no answer, sigh, I've had to