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  1. Can't decide whether aloe vera is actually the one that helped

    This is my 4th day using aloe vera gel for acne. So everyday when I go to school,I pass by this organic shop and always see a medium sized aloe vera gel tub which ia overly priced. I always wanted to try commericial aloe vera gel brands. This is because I actually tried aloe vera gel from scratch and it didnt work cuz my face was itching as I have sensitive skin..So, this product by the name of P& L 100% aloe vera gel went in offer! I was so happy and quickly grabbed a tub..I have mild pimp
  2. Hahahaha! For the past 3 day, i'm continuously eating all the junk! Just dunno why man! And i'm scared that my skin will breakout now

  3. Hi people! So, I ate peanut sauce with a dish today and i'm pretty scared if my skin will breakout. Cause I've did lots and lots of research about peanuts. And I came to a conclusion that peanuts or peanut butter do breakout for me. But I didn't take that much of peanut sauce actually. But quite curious whether peanut sauce is the same effect of peanut butter or peanuts. Cuz I always follow my skin diet and take anti-acne capsules and I feel so weird when I accidentally eat stuffs that I'm not s