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2 stars only because of cost
So here is the deal - I have tried them all. I have suffered from acne since I was about 14 and that was a LONG time ago. I have been on prescription medication (that is an entirely different post, I think) and have suffered greatly because of it. I finally returned to topical treatments about 6 years ago after roughly 3 years on tetracycline and immediately tried Proactiv because it is the one that I hear about most, on TV, on message boards, friends etc. And it was relatively low cost compar

By lilmexicana,

Couldnt be happier
I just found this company, although now that I am telling people about it I guess it is a little more well-known than I thought it was. Haha. always the last to know. Ordered this 2 months ago on a whim and actually got a phone call from the company to make sure that I wasn't allergic to Benzoyl. Unreal customer service. They explained carefully the routine they wanted me to get on and I followed it to a T. Now there really isn't any indication that I have acne prone skin - at least to outsiders

By lilmexicana,