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  1. Looks like you have only tried prescription medication for your acne? Have you tried benzoyl peroxide topical medication? In my experience, anything that is prescribed ends up being terrible - it doesn't create a long term solution, and the only long term thing about most are the side effects, which I still suffer from years after I used them. My advice would be to get off of prescription drugs and find a powerful topical medication that you can use consistantly to keep your acne at bay. I don'
  2. My niece is suffering from anorexia as well and for the first time in her life, has severe acne. I had her speak with my esthetician yesterday in fact to see what she thought. It came out that my niece recently stopped having a period and that was an "ah ha" moment for my esthetician. She explained that most acne si hormonally caused. And when your period stops, it screws with the adrenal glands, causing a big hormonal upset and imbalance. She said if my niece weren't already prone to acne then
  3. DOn't give up! Give it time and you will find the right solution for you and your skin type! Don't give up hope. The right treatment is out there... just keep trucking and staying healthy. You will find it!
  4. I am so sorry that you had to go through that. Some acne facials can be very painful depending on who you go to but by no means should you ever have to stop at urgent care afterwards for additional care. And I have NEVER had an acne facial where they do more than thoroughly clean and then extract - I never have had medication applied at the facial. That seems very irresponsible, especially not knowing how your skin reacts to certain medications. my only concern is that when you say you are goi
  5. Hmmm not sure I agree with SkyeDavis - very rarely does something break you out then get it better. If a product isn't working for you, stop using it. Which Clinique product is it? Does it have Benzoyl in it? And acne scar obsession is on the right track but 2.5% BPO will likely have little to no effect on your skin unless you get a very pure product - which you would NOT be able to find in a store. If you are buying at the store, then get something with the highest allowable 10% and build up
  6. Sorry to hear about your flare ups. Most likely you are experiencing them for a couple of different reasons. 1. you have acne-prone skin. Duh - I know this is obvious right? But not everyone does so while most 13 year olds get a zit occasionally, not all have extreme breakouts like we all do on this site. That is just a genetic gift your parents blessed you with. 2. You are YOUNG and right in the middle of your hormones going absolutely whacky. Most likely once you reach your 20s, you won't
  7. 2 stars only because of cost

    So here is the deal - I have tried them all. I have suffered from acne since I was about 14 and that was a LONG time ago. I have been on prescription medication (that is an entirely different post, I think) and have suffered greatly because of it. I finally returned to topical treatments about 6 years ago after roughly 3 years on tetracycline and immediately tried Proactiv because it is the one that I hear about most, on TV, on message boards, friends etc. And it was relatively low cost compar
  8. Are you still on prescription drugs? In my experience, they are the worse thing for acne - not to mention the long term side effects that you will encounter. Why do you use the topical products that you use? Were they recommended to you by your dermatologist? Acne isn't necessarily caused by OIL per se - it is caused by the retention of dead skin cells that get trapped in your hair follicles. I think that oil gets a bad rap - at least you skin's natural oils. You dont want to completely strip
  9. I agree with IL90 - I have never heard of ANYTHING you eat causing acne with the exception of dairy - and that is only for people who have some sort of allergy to it. Over the years, I have read loads of forums blaming diet for acne and it just is not the case. If you eat relatively healthy food, get enough sleep and are not under too much stress you are likely suffering from acne due to 1. Hormones or 2. a natural, hereditary proclivity to acne. The good news is that you are not alone BUT you s
  10. I've tried exposed too. I've tried everything. Been on Ninja Skincare for the last 4 months and love it. No pimples, easy and clear regimen and the owner is awesome - I call her all the time for advice on how to maintain clear skin.
  11. Have you ever tried Ninja Skincare? It is honestly the only topical medication that has EVER worked for me. And I think I have tried them all. I am sure that the end of the day they are all a lot the same... but what I think helped me more than anything else was that the team there truly holds your hand throughout the process. So like all those questions you ask above - you could ask them and they will tell you what is going on, what you are doing wrong etc and get you on the right path. I sw
  12. Why are you doing accutane? It is such an invasive drug. I used it for years but the side effects aren't worth it at all. At least they werent for me. Have you ever tried topical treatments? I tried everything. Really everything. Proactive helped a little but couldnt get rid of it entirely. Finally, through one of these blogs here, I found a product that worked and I have stuck with it ever since. It was called Lumiplexion Skincare and the owner is amazing. She just rebranded though so