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  1. Well actually there is no more pain and everything else seem to be getting better by the day. I didn't inform my doctor yet, I will have to see him for more pills soon though so I guess I will tell him about it then.I really don't want to quit accutane now, because I am almost done and actually this month the results have been better then ever so I really don't know what is the right thing to do. :/
  2. Hi everyone. So it has been 111 days that I have been taking accutane, first two months 30mgs per day and other two months 40mgs per day. Acne seems to be getting better, although I do have some active acne left and a lot of scarring. About a week ago my stomach started hurting and it actually hurt more when I was hungry, so instead of that feeling when your hungry I had weird pains in my stomach. The pain has stopped but I lost my appetite, I could go all day without eating anything and I would
  3. Thank you very much for your reply, guess I will have to wait then. But what about the dosage, my derm said I will be on 30mg for the whole 5-6 months, is that normal? What dosage are you on?
  4. Hello everyone. I would very much like to get some advice or just any type of feedback on my problem. First of all I am 20 years old, male, 187lb(85kg). My acne wasn't that bad honestly, I had small spots on my forehead and sometimes big ones popped up there aswell, but my main issue was pimples around the lips and jawline. I always had something on my upper lip near the nose and the jawline acne started about 6 months ago. I do not know what caused it but it got bad very quickly. The main spots