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  1. thank you for the fast response, i will try it out
  2. My acne is getting worse, ALOT worse. What are best methods for cystic??? I cant use accutane, and ive tried everything over the counter, i was clear for over a year but the past few months ive been breaking out like crazy. Any help/tips would be appreciated...
  3. yup used to have it. there was a miricle drug i took with tane it was a little white pill subscribed by my derm but i cant remember the name of it right now... it worked really good. ill try and find it and post it for you. i know what your going through. You are going to have definate scarring and indented scaring on your back though :/
  4. Ok well I started getting acne around the age of 15 on my back after starting football. I never knew that it would become such a huge deal. Everyone kept telling me it would go away so I thougt it was fine. The acne spread and my junior year I could not staand myself. I tried everything, regimines, over the counter, cortizone injections, and finally accutane. Accutane worked great, I was clear for about 2 years but now I'm starting to get more acne! I do not know what to do. I eat healthy, excer
  5. Same reason you are I'm sure???
  6. Can anyone remove or make my skin look clear in this picture using photoshop or something? I've been trying but I just dont know how to do it. I didnt know where to post this so I'm sorry if it is in the wrong spot. I'm trying to add this picture to something that im making my girfriend so it would be really cool if someone could help me out.. I am really self concious about all my scars. Orig Pic-http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y269/brotherz6395412/DSCF0381.jpg
  7. So I have had cystic acne for a very long time and I have started washing my hands with the cheap "Soft Soap" (Antibacterial) that you can buy at walmart and places like that. I have always had a really bad problem with acne. Ever since I have been washing my hands and then after washing my face with warm water and then drying it with a soft towel my face becomes very dry and then looks about 50% better right then and there. This method really works for me. Another thing is Head and Shoulders. I
  8. thx for the posts. I gave it to her and she loved it.
  9. So i made a video for my gf but i dunno if i should give it to her. what do u think?
  10. yep i work at a movie theatre too. the grease from the popcorn deinately gives me a few whiteheads... oh well nothing too serious
  11. I have everything but milk and stay away from cheese and ive noticed a great improvement. I eat chocolate and ice cream stuff like that, doesnt seem to bother me much. its worth the chocolate
  12. actually i had work really late and school this morning. sorry. and i did reply to the first one.