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  1. Thank you all for your posts. As soon as i posted this i talked to my fiance about the situation and suprisingly she was very open to it. The biggest battle to me i think is actually going to the docs and sitting there in the waiting room, as odly as that sounds. I have pretty much made up my mind that early next week I will set up an apointment with a local derm that I have been to before..given he didnt really impress me the first time around I will do my best to make him understand the situat
  2. I'm 21 years old and have had acne for at least 8 years now. I've honestly forgotten what it is to be clear. I've been through many things through this time period but nothing has brought me away from the constant obsession about my skin. I've tried many things, some worked for a while but most didnt..but now here i sit my face feels like its about to fall off, seriously. my acne has gotten quite a bit worse this past week and i have no clue why. I wish i had a picture to post but take my word
  3. well first of all I would of definetly stood up for her. its bullshit the way some guys talk to girls..but its mostly just inmaturity i guess. but talk to her and let her know shes beautiful, then get the brat to apologize.
  4. Today has been one of the most depressing days i've spent in a long time. I didnt even have the heart to leave my apartment because my skin is going crazy. I'm 20 years old and i have one of the most severe cases of acne i have ever seen, i mean its ridicules. I would love to go out and have fun everyday, like everyone around me but for me my happiness seems to be in conjunction with my face. Its days like this when i feel like its never going to get better. Like i'm doomed to this curse fo
  5. I feel the same way. I'm a guy and i wear concealer and yesterday at work these guys were giving me hell..i just stormed away with so much hate in me that i could of killed someone. I'm sure they wounderd why i got so angry but they would never understand, its a very sensitive subject for me, and i'm sure alot of others. i wish i could just get up and go, but unfourtently for me, right now that just isnt an option. i hate it, its bullshit, its my life.
  6. I feel this way all the time. it takes forever for me to actually get ready to, so i tend to put it off or not go out at all. i hate it, but its the way i feel right now.
  7. has anyone tried thos for redmarks? the ingredients in it seem very good. i'm just spot treating at night and seems to not me breaking me out.
  8. I understand where your coming from, sometimes it just a relief to relieve the pressure of the zit.
  9. I was using this stuff for years to cover my red marks and it was working pretty good for what i needed. now all of a sudden i go to the store to restock and its not there..i begin doing some research whenever i got home and found out that it was discontinued. i'm just wondering if anyone has any information as to why this happened.
  10. Well sometimes i guess i do..but then i think of how worse off things could be. everyone strives to be better in one way or the other everyday of their lives, your worries and imperfections may be be someone else's dreams.
  11. I was at CVS today and decided to pick up this stuff that i've heard about but never actually tried. it says it clears blimishes "overnight" which i know is bullshit but i'm giving it a try anyway. this stuff is 10% sulfur and looks like calamine lotion when applied.. it seems to dry active pimples pretty fast, not so sure about the blimish aspect though. it also has something all over the packaging saying "do not shake" i can see why because it is seperated into two parts in the bottle..but wh
  12. thanks, yeah i was told its like a step down from accutane so i'm guessing/hoping that it will at least keep my acne at bay..at this point anything that would subside the breakouts would be a godsend
  13. Today i went to my derm and i was prescribed this medication, i don't really know much about it. Have any of you had an experience with this antibiotic?
  14. Complete BS. I've used it for years and my "breast" have never been tighter. I'm sure you wanted to know this. haha
  15. I was surfing the boards when i ran across this and as a TTO user i was just curious as to how it works as a face wash. Thanks in advance.