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  1. Prolonged bruising is actually what you want otherwise your scars will retether and you won't get much improvement.
  2. Subcision and suction, and TCA Cross for pitted scarring. Microneedling and TCA peels for texture. Give it a year or two and you should see great improvement. Your skin texture is still really smooth.
  3. You should only do subcision if your scars are pitted and cast shadows in overhead lighting. Otherwise it's definitely not worth all the hassle of going abroad.
  4. How was your recovery after each subcision? How many days did you have bruising, or the needle holes? Took around 10 days before I felt comfortable going out in public, but I also had prolonged bruising for up to a month. It seems like you've suffered long enough and if you're mentally strong then going out in public with some bruising is not a big deal and worth it for the end result.
  5. I had very similar scars to you and after four subcision and suctions my skin has definitely improved. That's your best bet.
  6. Wow that's awesome dude. Maybe this could help other people with bad texture. It would be really clutch if you could provide a comprehensive protocol with links to the products, if you get a chance.
  7. Interesting how many of us have skin texture similar to this. I don't know if there's a solution. I think that dermastamping over a long period of time might be your best bet, but it is far from a sure fix. I don't think chemical peels will improve it.
  8. Yeah scarredandsad, I'm the one trolling this forum while you are telling people to embrace death with open arms. Logical assessment. I am sympathetic to posters with actual acne scarring who contribute to the message board with information we can all learn from.
  9. I have similar texture issues as well. I have dermastamped for a while and unfortunately haven't noticed major improvement in texture. Would be interested to see what other people say about this.
  10. Sri Srinivasan will likely be a Supreme Court Justice sometime down the road, and has significant scarring.
  11. You have a good mindset knowing that it's going to take a couple years to see solid improvement. With acne scars, it's a marathon not a sprint.
  12. You can look at my past comments on her. I'm not a fan by any means, especially after she said to embrace death.
  13. Except he barely has scars and thinks the world revolves around him. I have no sympathy for scarface.