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  1. Diet: I'm doing alright with my diet, although I went a little over my calories today. I'm still vegetarian, of course, and have completely removed dairy from the equation. Just eggs in the morning. I chose snow peas and hummus over a whole bag of popcorn so I'm really pleased about that. Today I ate: Breakfast: -English Muffin -Scrambled eggs Snack: -Banana Lunch: -Larabar -Veggie straws Snack: -Starbucks soy chai latte (oops...this was a slip-up, but I went
  2. Today was alright. I stayed mostly on-track with my eating and I didn't pick my skin. Sort of. Here's what I ended up eating: Breakfast: Scrambled eggs 2 pieces of plain wheat toast Coffee Snack: Banana Lunch: Hummus Carrots 5 Apple slices Veggie sticks Snack: Almonds, raw Dinner: Salad with a little dressing Veggie Soup Then I ran for 20 minutes and did a light ab workout. Not what I intended, but at least I did it. I've been feeling a
  3. Tomorrow's food/regimen will be (I have veeeeery limited food options for certain reasons...): On face: Lotion, makeup (I'll check which kind I use tomorrow)Breakfast: Wheat toast and peanut butter Apple Snack: Banana Lunch: Carrots Hummus Apples Snack: Raw almonds Dinner: Salad (non dairy dressing) Cooked vegetable of some type Wash face with Purity Cleanser, some Nivea lotion (keep it simple, no picking...which I already did tonight. Ugh.) Anyway, I'm t