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  1. Chlorine is a skin irritant and can cause more acne in acne prone people- ease up on swimming or if you can't apply petroleum jelly on effected areas before you swim. shower right away after and use a BHA or AHA wash, always shower right after working out- hormones from working out shouldn't cause that effect - if anything internally would make it better because it kills toxins that lead to inflammation in the first place- however working out is inflammatory in itself. Avoid hot yoga, sauna, etc
  2. salicylic acid is a better alternative for sensitive skin - i would recommend spot stop by circadia. i still use BP a high amount but only a 3-5 nights a week instead of everyday.
  3. Hey there! I am a licensed esthetician, before getting laser I would recommend getting using a mandelic or lactic serum 5-8% on the area for everyday for a month and maybe looking into peels because laser can be very painful and expensive. also wearing sunscreen will prevent and reduce the hypopigment in your arms as long as it has zinc- make sure you use sunscreen if using mandelic or using peels
  4. Your acne isn't too severe- may I ask what your regimen is? When did this first start?
  5. So I did some research on the ingredients and unfortunately there is a pore clogging ingredient in there just one but its laureth-23. Kind of a bummer for such an expensive product. What I would do is stop for a week and see if it gets better or worse then you will be able to tell if the retinol is doing it or not. If you start up again start using every other day once a day and gradually work yourself up.
  6. Hey there! Have you talked to your doctor about acutane? Side effects can be bad but not nearly as bad in men as in women and I have heard a lot of success with it.
  7. I use tizo tinted sunscreen which works amazing! I never need to wear foundation with it but if you do want a foundation a good one is mineralogie!
  8. Blue LED works great for acne I have used it on many clients and have seen great results with it on them. I use the red LED more for anti-aging and collagen stimulation in more mature skin. If your doctor recommended the blue LED I think he/she would know you're a good candidate for it but express your concerns to them and I'm sure they will clear it up. I would recommend it and you will see a result.
  9. Hey there! Are you you using a certain brand of retinol? Vitamin A doesn't cause break outs but if you are using a certain brand there maybe an ingredient in it that your skin isn't liking. I would say it is most likely not the retinol but I would check the ingredients to make sure nothing in it is Comedogenic. Good luck!
  10. Hey! I work in the esthetics field and deal with treatments of acne scarring. My question to you is it deep pitted scars or more of hyper pigmentation? Deep pitted scars are hard to get rid of but it can be done! Here are some treatments I recommend for any type of scarring- chemical peels, microdermabrasion, microneedling (only if you are clear), IPL laser, photofacial, and there are more out there too but those are the ones I mainly focus on. For you I would start with either a chemical pee
  11. It's a little hard to see exactly but it does look like milia to me. It's very common for people to have it under the eyes.
  12. Hey there! Some good options expensive but you will thank me later- Dermalogica clearing skin wash, and hylauronic acid as a moisturizer. Also I used to have a lot of trouble with foundation but I got clear and now use mineralogie which is non-comedogenic and looks beautiful! They specialize in making make-up for acne skin. Glo minerals also does a pretty good job. Avoid anything with lanolin or mineral oil. Mineral make-up works best for acne skin!
  13. Hey there! I'm an Esthetician and deal with this a lot with clients and have had this myself before too. So what it looks and sounds like you have is Keratosis Pilaris (KP) and a mix of clogged pores from working out. It is completely harmless so don't worry and your acne isn't severe and can be corrected. Working out, heat, sweating a lot can cause the follicles to build up with sweat, dirt, and other debris especially if you are wearing a tighter fighting shirt working out and don't shower
  14. Hey there! So what I would recommend is for sure to cleanse your face everyday twice a day with something that has Salicylic acid (this acid penetrates the skin and goes deep into the follicle to unclog the follicle and rid any irritation). Secondly I would use a mandelic serum which helps with lightening the skin. The retinol should be good if it is a good brand. Also ALWAYS wear sunscreen- it helps to prevent hyper/hypopigmentation and worsening of skin conditions like the one it sounds like