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  1. Thanks! Do you know something that can get rid of it?
  2. Hello As always, my body feels when I have an important event to go and gives me the most hideous pimple, this time on my nose. It's red and doesn't have a white head. I tried to squeeze it but nothing happened. The important event I have is on Friday. I've just put a mix of aspirin + water on the pimple, and I'll keep it overnight. Does it work?
  3. the same thing is happening to me right now, I don't wanna go out but I actually have to and it's really frustrating... but I'm managing to take care os this scar with aspirin and hipoglos (I don't know if you have it where you live, because I'm brazilian). smash an aspirin with 2 or 3 drops of water and put in the mark. keep it for a few minutes. when I was about to go out, I put the hipoglos to make the skin better for putting the makeup. It clearly doesn't cover the bump, but the color gets r
  4. hello, I woke up today with a huge pimple on my chin. it isn't red, but it is very large and painful. how can I get rid of it by Sunday? what do you use as a spot treatment? is there anything that makes the pimple disappear overnight?
  5. Thanks a lot, I'll try to think about it whenever I feel bad. Thanks for sharing this. It's great when you see someone going through the same things as you and you can try to help them. I know how hard it is, but if you ever want to share how you're feeling you can contact me :)
  6. I don't know what to do with my emotions right now. Everytime I come home from school and look in the mirror all I wanna do is cry. I feel extremely sad and also very ugly. No, my acne is not that bad, but everytime I see a new pimple on my face I just feel so terrible I couldn't even describe here. It hurts when I'm with my friends and they have flawless skin without doing anything, while I'm taking birth control and buying expensive stuff to try to have the same skin as them. It's tiring to do
  7. I've already managed to edit the text, but thanks for answering me