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  1. Hi everybody It's been close to 8 months now, my skin is still recovering positively. Now my facial skin isnt as oily as last time when I got comedones all over my face. It used to get oily 1 hour after washing my face, but now it's not. That good news, I dont feel oily anymore. For my Differin progress, my face recovers slowly becoz I dont wanna use any topical antibiotic, just Differin itself. Currently I apply differin occasionally every other day. On the day I dont apply Differin, I was
  2. My doctor told me to wash my face with two cleanser. One is prescribed by him triclosan 0.1% in the morning which I feel OK after washing. The other is Biore smooth baby face which makes my face feel really tight after washing. And clindamycin 0.1% solution told to apply on big pimples which I don't have so I never use it. I tried to washed with cetaphil sample but I didnt like it, it makes my face kinda sticky. Yesterday I went to my derm, he said he can see redness and flakiness
  3. Hi everyone, I think my face is getting better slowly with 3 months mark on Differin 0.1 although its not a fast process, I still have hopes. I have an appointment with my derm tmr to ask him for tretionin to speed up the process. This if my photo after just washing my face. Its red. And I just have an acne flare-up near my mouth jawline area. Eveybody says its like Im wearing spectacle, isn't it?
  4. Hi. May I know if you come from Singapore and being treated acne by Dr Joyce?

    Im living in Singapore and suffering acne now.

    Any advice please?

    Tks dear.

    1. Tks for yout advice. 4 more days to my wedding. I have a plan to eat a strict diet for my face like veggies, fruit, fish, brown rice and grilled or boiled meat. Since Im Vietnamese so following that diet sounds quite easy to me. Anybody has a diet same as mine can suggest what to have for breakfast lunch and dinner? I just dont know if its enough for me since I eat kinda a lot. By the way, my cleanser' ph is 6.5.
    2. I've been using differin for 4 weeks only. Maybe I should go for an allergy test. Feeling so hopeless.
    3. I think it just gets worse. Im so lost. This is photo i took after washing my face. It turns very red and scary, comedones over my entire face. Now I love crying looking at my photos. I think this is not normal acne. Anybody can help me please?
    4. Vietnamese

      I was prescribed this for my moderate comedones. I had been using it for 1 year in hopes of clearing my acne. I can see good result after 3 months in combination with other medicines. I thought its my micracle. But after that, lost its effect and my face now becomes more severe of comedones which cover my entire face when last time not as this severe. I think its just for short term solution since it contains antibiotic which is harmful to our skin and body. Im now applying differin which is mak
    5. Here are 2 photos of mine after 4 weeks on differin
    6. Although I wash with troclosan, its still very oil or even sticky after washing for 2 hours. And my face is quite red. Now im using differin to see if any difference. i will keep it updated if differin is effective for my severe comedones.
    7. I never wear makeup but my wedding im sure wearing it. I notice whenever Im back from singapore, my face will grow 1 small comedo and it spreads fast over time. I was using the sanshield lotion which I was introduced by a beauty assistant at guardian for my few comedones on forehead and cheeks. It made me oily. And I realized its for hand lotion. Maybe im sensitive to it? Anyway my current routin is: Am: -washing face with triclosan 1% (prescription) - washing ag
    8. I just cant believe from a smooth skin becoming a severe acne so easily. I have had acne since I keep switching between singapore and vietnam. Dont know if its due to the weather changes.
    9. I plan to have baby soon so I dont want accutane anymore. And I think accutane is designed for those with loads of cystic acne which I dont have. Now whenever I wash my face. Its like washing a moon surface. Im gonna get a green smoothie regimen. Hope it help.
    10. Im using differin 0.1 gel for 21 days so far without significant improvement. Most of my comedones have come to the surface but refused to drop. Im stressed that makeup cant cover them and even make them look more visible. Anybody can give me some advice? Tks
    11. Hello guys. Please help me. Im at the worst of my life now. 2 more weeks to my wedding and all these out of nowhere on my face. And im gonna be the ugliest bride ever! A bit abt my history: - Im 22 years old now. Last time I had only here and there pimples and a few tiny pimples on my forehead when it was near my cycle. - 2 years ago I was frustrated with those tiny on my forehead and I went to a private derm in Vietnam. She presribed me oral antibiotics and a gel containing