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  1. Okay so I've been through the Regimen before and it worked okay for me. Then I went on the Nuva Ring birth control and that also helped. But then just like 3 weeks ago! I started breaking out so bad. And so today in a fit of depression I raced to Target to grab something anything to help. And I started to look around and saw that the Nutrogena product saws results can be seen in 48 hours, lessening of redness and irritation and size of the evil said bastard pimples. Plus I'm seeing someone
  2. Merry Christmas :D! - Mike

  3. hey sexy girl..have a merry xmas, k? :)

  4. hello doll face! i just happen to love your .org name!

  5. Yeah, the contrast is awesome. I know some movie actors wear lipstick too. It just looks better I think. It will also be unique . Darling you are unique...
  6. I'm turning 23 in six days ass. Does that mean I suck too? Sorry about the lack of choices with the ladies though. Get a chia pet. or a doberman ... Blow up doll?
  7. Toast my man!!!

  8. Just saying it like it is. ;)

  9. Thank you for the sweetness! =)

  10. You are THE GREAT ONE! Thanks for the sweetness!

  11. First to comment cause you are a first lady. -The Great One

  12. Necro I'm sorry you're having a bad week!!! But I'm glad meet you yesterday!!! Sorry Snotty!