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  1. Hi! I've been on the acne.org regimen for almost 6 weeks now, and my skin is improving well. I have some active pimples, but not nearly as many as I used to! However, I have so many red marks on my cheeks that it looks like I am still severely broken out. I know I'm not, because they bumps are not raised and the skin in smooth. I've thought about Derma Rolling, and I've also considered pure Aloe Vera. If I use Aloe Vera, I thought about replacing the acne.org moisturizer with it each night, but
  2. Here is one thing I believe to be completely true and beneficial.."Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it." - Charles R. Swindoll. It's all about perspective. You can choose to hate the situation you're in, or learn to live life fully in it. I personally have suffered with acne since puberty. It used to be even more severe then than it is now, but it is still bad. I hated it. I too would ask God to please heal my skin. Now, I'm on the acne.org regimen and for the first ti
  3. oliviajh23

    Acne.org Journey

    My journey with the acne.org regimen. Here we go!