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  1. Back when i was a freshman/sophomore in high school, i had some really bad acne on my back, shoulders and face. I took tetracycline, then doxy, then mino. I remember tetracycline working the best, but eventually it stopped working. I still had bad acne due to puberty and all, so i went on accutane. Cleared me up, for like 2 years. Now in college, its hot out and all, my back in breaking out. I want to clear it up before summer a bit, but im not rele interested on going back on tane unless
  2. I have been off of accutane for 3 months. I am 16, i cleared up completely in the 2nd month. My acne was bad but not horrible. I was on for a total of 6 months, at 80 mgs. Now, when i saw completely, i always still get a pimple like once or twice a week, but no biggy at all.. I look at my self being fine. I went to the derm, and hes like, i see you got a pimple, so he wanted to take care of that. Seriously, i have 1 little pimple of my face, thats it lol. He gave me Diffrin Gel .1 for
  3. If you workout.. listen to this.. Im a Junior Teen Bodybuilder.. so i have talked to many personal trainers, doctors etc. bout accutane and dieting, supplementing, and training. You can work out just as hard, diet and supplement the same while on accutane. Dont worry aobut it at all. Take 800IU of Vit E.. 1gm of Vit C..and 50 mg Zinc. Also take a multi with no more then 5000IU Vit A. dry lips start within hours of ur first pill.. i actually was 99% clear my first month, 40mg a day.. skin d
  4. thanks alot everybody. my doctor wanted to keep me on for 5 months, but i beged to stay on for 6.. and im just completing my 6th month. i think thats what im going to do, use a regualar acne face wash, over the counter kind, and just leave it alone, other then a lotion at nite, and morning
  5. I will be going off accutane on november 16. So i dont have much left.. i cleared up 95% the first month on.. 40mg.. then 60 the 2nd month, then 80 the third month until now... which im still on 80. What should i ido when i get off, i have a lot of red marks, should i ask for a cream,im thinking about asking for Retin A micro since that did wonders for me, if i remember correctly. Accutane never caused sensitive skin for me really, i used a 2% SA scrub, and 2% SA Astringant and was fine, as
  6. Get out of here.. i have no respect for you. You try to help yourself, cause your having trouble with your acne, and your sitting there doing drugs like a little baby. Yea, amazzing cool smoking your accutane. Your doctors try to help you, but you do absolutly nothing other than harm your body. Your the kind of people i beleive deserve acne. Your a cool kid. A Big Bad druggy. and if ur on the board, probobly cause youved asked for help.. u shouldnt desereve help, because your not he
  7. ARE YOU SERIOUS? maybe because you play high school hockey 3 times a week, where i play travel hockey 7 times a week, but where i come from, i have rostered 24 kids on my team, i play Teir 1 Midget A/AA Minor. 9 kids are out, due to injuries involving surgery all from hockey. I broke my ankle 2 years ago, had two surgies on it, next season, i broke my other ankle and had 1 surgery on it from hockey. 50% of the kids in our league, DVHL break at least 1 bone every other season, if not m
  8. I would have to agree with you, my derm told me the same. Im 16, 5`1, 150lbs, muscle, not fat. I am on my 5th month of accutane at 40mg, first month, 2nd month 60mg, and the rest 80 mg. I cleared up in the first month, 99%, and my face has yet to get dry or peel. The only time it flakes, is when i use retin a micro to do a peel, once a week, but i exfoliate in the morning, and im fine.
  9. to tell you the truth, your acne isnt that bad. Your face looks pretty good. Then i saw your chest, its not bad.. but i no how it could ruin you in the summer. I was so afriad of summer, since im a Jr. Teen Bodybuilder.. i dont want to be wearing a shirt, i want to show off my body haha so i decided to go on accutane in may, by July 15ish, (chest was always fine) back was so so, shoulders were horrible, it was all cleared up. Then for the red marks, i used a topical tanning solution that we
  10. i just started my 4th month of accutane.. 80mg a day.. it totally cleared me.. no pimples..t he inflamed ones with white tips.. but im getting the whiteheads.. that show no signs of red.. the really smalll ones.. around my eyes.. like below my eyes. and then theres some blackheads in the area. how do i clear these? there jus white dots..little specs
  11. i didnt read your whole post.. but im assuming your quesiton is how does accutane work for bacne. well.. my face was okay to bad with pimples.. my back was okjay.. my shoulders were bad. chest was fine. im on my 3rd month of accutane.. faced cleared up 99% in the first 2 weeks.. its my 3rd month on 80mgs.. and my back has improved to 100%.. my shoulders.. havnt done nething.. there stil the same.. no idea why.. id ont do nething different with them.
  12. i actually get em through my uncle who lives out in Ca.. cuz hes a pro bodybuilder.. so his personal trainer does it for me.. but i could find out if youd like.. ill let u no.. ill PM u wen i find out.
  13. haha dude.. im takin Swole V.2 right now. Im doing a cutting cycle.. and swole doesnt contain any sugars.. so its good for when i take it at night. I was taking phosphagen Hp.. but stoped to try swole. I truely dislike swole.. not liking mcuh about it.. how bout you? if you into weight lifting.. try www.bodybuilding.com forums.. there really good info and all.. im the same user there as here.
  14. Yes.. i do take a multivitamin/mineral/herb supplement. I have one.. that is a custom blend.. that i have alot of the vitamin A extracted. (quite expensive but hey so what) its for bodybuilding purposes. As for the creatine.. when i get my blood checked for accutane.. i always have my liver and kidneys checked, for inflamation, and im doing fine so far. When the first test comes up possitive for even the slightest bit.. i will uptake my water from 1 and a half galons a day.. to 2 galons a
  15. forget that dude.. im 3 months into accutane.. 80mg a day.. totally clear. im a teen bodybuilder so im supplements with vitamins.. amino acids.. protein complex's, creatine. all that im also a travel ice hockey player.. and nothing has effected me at all.. thats why they do tests.