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  1. Ever since I've had acne for about 2 years now I've always found it extremely difficult to make eye contact with anyone besides my family and random people I don't know. Thankfully, I've never really had anyone say anything mean about my acne but I have had quite a few friends question why I never look at them which is usually quite embarrassing because I never know what to say. I know logically, that just because I don't make eye contact doesn't mean they can't see my acne and yet I can't bring
  2. Highly doubt they're permanent and will probably fade eventually. I recommend something more gentle to apply to them to help reduce the redness, as 10% is pretty harsh on your skin. Just wanted to say also be careful with BP 10%. I gave myself some pretty bad chemical burns all over my face when i first used it because I used way too much everywhere. It gets the job done so It's by no means a bad product, just be sure to use it in moderation and you'll be fine. Best of luck with your acne.
  3. I've already tried BP 10% and 5% and they both work but over dry my skin at the same time even with moisturiser and applying vaseline every night. I've looked everywhere and can't find a 2.5% in the UK and the shipping fee on Acne.org is far too expensive.
  4. Adonas

    Benzoyl Peroxide Burnt My Skin

    I experienced this exact same thing when I first started using BP. I used too much and ended up chemically burning my entire face which made me look flaky, dry and very very red all over. I applied Vaseline over the burned areas for 2-3 days and all the dry, red skin peeled off on its own leaving behind a normal looking layer of skin. Although Vaseline may be pretty greasy and feel unpleasant on your face it's actually non-comedogenic so it will not clog your pores (Source: http://www.vaseline.
  5. I've looked up the reviews on here for the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and they appear to be very black and white. Some people say it's great and doesn't cause breakouts but some people say it's terrible and actually CAUSES breakouts. All the bad reviews actually make me scared to try it now in case I breakout more.
  6. I've been using BP 10% for only 3 days but I've already noticed my face is really red and dry like a sunburn all over my face. I moisturize multiple times a day but nothing seems to work. Can i use sudocreme on it and how long will it take to fully heal?
  7. I've been using benzoyl peroxide 10% for 3 days now, applying once a day. But when i woke up the next morning my face was really red and dry. It almost feels like I'm wearing a mask because of how dry it is. How do I reduce the redness and dry skin?
  8. I started using PanOxyl gel (10%) 3 days ago and so far it's pretty much fine. When I put the gel on it burns a little and continues burning for a few hours but eventually stops, my whole face gets really red but that also stops eventually and my skin feels really tight and dry (moisturizer helps). On day one it just barely had a burning sensation but I've noticed it gets worse everyday. Although it doesn't really bother me that much.