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  1. Hey, did you get my PM? Reply back if you can.

  2. Hey, hope everything is well.

  3. i have tried loads of clinque products in the past,their 3 step system,foundation which were all a waste of time and made me break out terribly,total waste of money,i would advise you to avoid the whole brand,just not worth it!!!
  4. i find that using bleach above my upper lip dosent cause me any problems and i break out easily and you say that you have tried it on your forehead with no reaction,so i think it should be fine.just do a tester on the side of your face to start with and see how that goes if your more prone to breakouts there. if you can, get hold of a mild formualtion of the bleach,that would be more better for your skin too,i should think especially if your skin is sensitive.
  5. Hey! Long time no chat! Im glad to see you on here :)

  6. hey looking good in ur picture, sorta evil but good.

  7. thats unusual for you man,you dont wanna spend your time cooped up indoors :-(get yourself back out there again,go places with your gf?she is really pretty by the way,you look so cute together from the pics ive seen.got any more piercings or tattoos?

  8. Not a whole lot really, or anything at all. Lifes been kinda dull last few months, become something of a Hermit for some reason.

  9. thanks i was shitting myself beforehand lol.yeah it is a really rewarding job,hard work though,its nice to work with animals,some lovley dogs there and its even better clearing up all the shit lol.new songs eh?thats cool would love to hear them.so what have you been up to then?

  10. Aww thats awesome Hayley, well done on passing your course =] my girlfriend used to work in an animal refuge centre, bet it's really rewarding! Things are ok with me, got so manny songs to send you dude!

  11. hey ry,its good to hear from you!things are going okay with me,well better than they were.i do some vouluntary work down an animal rescue centre and im doing some course,one which i passed today!!how about you?

  12. Hey, how are things dude?

  13. hey,long time no speak....

  14. ive used bother superfit and superbalanced in the past and they both seemed to break me out.but its varies from person to person.its alot to pay out though if its gonna be no good for you.if you tend to break out alot from products i would say avoid it.