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  1. lol.. do you want to explain your reasoning behind this theory? Also, asians in their native countries have hardly any acne. It's when they come to America or other western cultures and eat our food that they really start to get acne.. Very very true. I go to asia a lot and from my experience, almost NO ONE has acne there. Even my derm who is caucasian tells me that asians(chinese/korean/japanese) usually have less problem with acne. He also said that asians have skin that are way mo
  2. I would google some more place to shop from. The shipping on the above site is pricey!
  3. um, are you sure it doesnt say "2.5% acne medication"? then that would make sense. I wouldnt consider it a scam even if it was labled as 2.5% bp, more like misrepresentation.
  4. could be from touching your face with both hands or how you sleep.
  5. Dove makes a good alcohol-free one, but the bottle sucks...
  6. try BP gel+TTO oil+Aloe Vera gel mixed together for a few days. It works well for me.
  7. I agree with the people that think diet does cause acne. Since i've improved my diet by eating healthier food (i.e homecooked food) my complexion is better
  8. Yeah that bar works fine as a mild cleanser. Doesnt leave my face dry at all
  9. January 20th, 2005 ---------------------- wow my face is way clearer! Not sure if its just a good day or what. things to note: -im on erythromycin (2 x 400mg) cause my gf has whooping cough, but i just started that on the 19th... -i started taking 1g of B5 (2 x 500mg), on the 19th -increased water intake