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  1. I'm curious, would you classify all your subscised scars as rolling scars? Did you have any other type of scar i.e. boxcar/ice pick that went under the needle? And if so, what were the improvements on those scars vs the rolling ones. Nevertheless, you look great, the scars definitely look significantly improved. I'm always genuinely happy to see these types of results.
  2. How's it going, bro? First off, I'd say your scars are not remotely close to severe. In fact, in the last 4-5 pictures, the scars are not bad at all. I'm not the most well versed in treatments, but I'm sure a more experience user will respond to your query shortly and give you some options. I do, however, have a question. You mentioned your temple boxcars improved with subscision. Mind expanding on this? How bad were the scars before, what % of improvement, etc.? Even in the ha
  3. Thanks for the replies to the both of you. Any help is appreciated. Just to be clear, you are referring to a TCA peel, correct?
  4. I've been lurking these forums for several months now. For the longest time I never put much thought into my acne/ acne scars. Reason being, I never truly had bad acne. Looking in the mirror now, I can see that the scars left behind tell a story of acne that wasn't as severe as the scars somehow depict. I wanted to specifically ask about my forehead scars. For whatever reason I don't see the forehead mentioned as much as other areas of the face, namely cheeks. I know subscision + suction and