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  1. My only difference in switching to the autoimmunity paleo diet was to eliminate the pecans I was eating and brown rice pasta. My acne and digestive ease has worsened on the diet. I've been following it for about two weeks-- I know, short amount of time, it's just disheartening to see my already horrible skin worsen. I have, but I've read about birth control and other hormonal methods' effects on your gut and it's dissuaded me. :s I'd love if there was a natural way to ensure my hormones wer
  2. Hello! So after so many years of struggling with painful acne I thought I'd come here. I'm a freshman in college and have had varying kinds of acne for years-- typically concentrated on my cheeks. A list of some of the things I've tried include: no milk, no eggs, no gluten (for years), no soy, no nuts, no beans, no grains, no refined oils (for years), no meat (and haven't had meat treated with antibiotics for years), almost all organic (for years), oil cleansing method (with different oils), the