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  1. I am in the medical field, I will try to find out.
  2. Sorry, I do not know where to get Eucerin in Canada. I am in US. I know they do not have it in some European contries either...only the dry skin line..not the new line for acne. I will post here if I hear anything about it. You can just buy it online of course. Most pharmacy/drugstores online have it. Good luck! As far as my testing of the product...I have only used it for a week now and so far so good. No new breakouts, and any little I had cleared (but my skin was clear before trying it f
  3. Tayrayuf, another thing you can try for very senstive skin is Eucerin, they have a new line of "Clear SKin Formula", with Pore Purifying Wash, Deep Action Toner, and Daily COntrol & Care Moisturizer. It is dermatologist recommended, Gentle Acting Formula, non irritating, non drying. I am trying it now since it is cheaper than Dermafina ( I still LOVE DERMAFINA and the pimple I got on my forehead disappeared quickly), and so far all the aboveabout Eucerin Clear Skin line has been true. Se
  4. Thanks so much for your input. I want to hear from anyone and everyone who has tried it. I think I am going to try using the Eucerin Daily Control & Care moisturizer only at nigth and the Eucerin Pore Purifying Foaming Wash and Eucerin Deep Action Toner during the day to see. I used the Daily Control & Care Moisturizer last nigth (plus the others) and I liked it, because I like to give my skin some moisture, but for me it was still too sticky during the day...gave me no oiliness, but not
  5. The only thing I am looking for myself now is something I can use in conjuction with Dermafina to improve and prevent wrinkles, since I am 31 and loved the sun my entire life (still do), fades any old acne scars...(which I think Dermafina migth do as well, but since I have not used it long enough I don't know yet). Also, I need to add an SPF in my routine without having to use something that will break me out, make me ioly or whatever. I wish the Dermafina had SPF in itself....But to get clear
  6. I have very sensitive skin and like you describe get flaky etc. from acne products. I have supersensitive skin! I did not get any flakiness with using Dermafina, none at all. I don't even need a mositurizer now since I have been using it, which I always need to with all other stuff. I for a bit, used BP cream on problem skin area (together with Dermafina) and then I did get a little redness, and stinging, so I stopped that immediately and I did not use the #2 Exfoliating acne treatment gel f
  7. I have been using Proactive for years with success...then I tried Dermafina, and liked it even more. Now I am looking for something that can help my fading scars and maybe help prevent wrinkles etc ....so I just bought Eucerin to try. Has anyone used all three products with any success, the wash, toner, and lotion (the green series for adult acne, not the other for sensitive skin and wrinkles)... My mom used it and she likes it very much. She has used it for 7 months now. I did not like the sti
  8. I know the above note was written way back, but if anyone wants info on Dermafina, I just want to let people know it worked for me. Stick with it for at least three weeks, or a month. It cleared my skin, and it took away the redness that I used to have from Proactive (which I used successfully for years). I love the Dermafina...but I have had one little pimple occasionally, and last week I had one bigger on my forhead..I want to find something that gives me perfect flawless skin...but I feel c
  9. I like Dermafina, works for me...I was using Proactive for years. Dermafina does not make me read, does not make me shiny. I just started Dermafina 1 month ago or so. I use BP on top of the SA spottreatment. Just hoping I can help someone. If you have acne, and sensitive skin, Dermafina migth be good.
  10. I know the above posts are old but in case someone is reading these, I got Dermafina from Walgreens to try it out. I have been using it for a month or two, and I like it even better than Proactive which I used for years. Dermafina takes away the redness I had with Proactive. I don't use any makeup at all now, which I always felt I had to cover up the red with Proactive. I have been 99.9% clear with it, but last week got one pimple, and started noticing my scars (since my skin is clear) and felt
  11. I would just not use the toner and the revitalizing lotion on it until it subsides...and then just start using again if skin ok...or try a more gentle SA cleanser that wont irritate. Has not happened for me with Proactive, but it happens for me if I try ie RetinA or something on that area. Moisturizing can help too, such as the Proactive Moisturizing SFP lotion which I used to use everyday with the others. Cold water to rinse helps too for any redness.
  12. PS. Oh, by the way, Proactive is $39.95 for the three basic products (all I used for years...), and it lasts about 3 months. One can also buy it at most malls. Shipping is $5 to 10 dollars, and is added to the prices at the malls. If you have mild acne you probably wont see as much improvement as with severe. It is great because as a woman, unlike Accutane, it is safe to use during pregnancy. I prefer not taking oral medication or having side effects...Accutane has even had suici
  13. RE using Proactive: I was tired of spending so much at the dermatologist, and a hassle to have to go, then I started trying everything one can get over the counter, and got real bad problems with my acne. I finally decided to give Proactive , and my acne was under control with products that did not dry or irritate my skin like most other products. I have been happy with it for 4 1/2 years. I just now started looking for alternatives because I also want to prevent wrinkles and h
  14. I agree that Proactive's makeup probably is not that good...and I have not even used any of it even though it arrived. I am actually clear now, so I am not using any makeup...but if I do for the weekend or so I will use Lancome Teinte Idole. I like the basic products of Proactive. But I did try their new sunblock and I like that...so that is all I wear, without makeup or even cover stick!! I am clear!!!! Yippie! And thanks for the advice on the tinted cream..I wont use it (and I did not buy it
  15. Since I bought Lancome Teinte Idole last nite, I used it last nite, but again put it on this morning, and all day it looked natural on my face and I did not have to make a retouch after being in church, out shopping, doing errands, and taking a nap!!! And no sign of breakouts of course! Just need to heal my dry skin on my shin that is healing from drying out pimples....then my skin will be flawless..lol...no but better! /