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  1. Thanks for the input... I just got a little paranoid, I think!!
  2. So I finished my course three weeks ago. During the course, I was completely clear!!! BUT, this morning I woke up with two miniscule zits. I mean tiny... so I'm not complaining but I am a little worried... is this a sign of things to come ?? Is this normal... how many of you have experienced the same?
  3. The creme-to-powder and I was sooo yellow. I thought, if anything, I would look orange but yellow? It was just plain sad. It works great for my mom but now I know... that was way too much of a mask.
  4. lmao!!! I love this thread! Sadly, I just realized a makeup faux pas today!! But let's start with some other mistakes first... -blue glittery eyeshadow that looked horrible with my skin. -dark lipstick phase (and I have small lips) -orangey foundation -pink blush suitable for anyone but me -smudgy black eyeshadow as eyeliner (don't know what I was thinking... I had black circles under my eye in a few hours) and today... I realized I was wearing a heavy yellow mask. Foundation is such
  5. That sucks!! I have to update... I thought Mary Kay was working great for me until I realized that I looked like I was wearing a heavy yellow mask. I had to ask a friend to be sure... it was confirmed... I was one yellow chick. So sad and so much for Mary Kay. I wish I had you makeup abilities sephora28. I've read about your makeup skills!! :clap:
  6. I got my Mary Kay makekup and I do like it but it's heavier than I remember. What with the warmer months coming around, I feel a makeup meltdown coming on. So, I'm tempted to try Loreal True Match powder or Coty Airspun Powder. Does anyone know if these powders are friendly for someone with darker skin? I was a NW35 in MAC. Plus, how is the coverage on these? I have an acne-prone friend who uses the Loreal and her coverage is pretty amazing!! Just wanted to know you opinions...
  7. I like Olay Complete with 15 SPF for sensitive skin. It works well under makeup... well at least it does for me.
  8. I'm sorry it didn't work out. That really sucks. I so wanted to love my MAC studiofix and at first it was a match made in heaven and then... well,
  9. Thanks, I'll pick one up! Not yet... I'll probably order one as soon as I feel ready for something as sheer as tinted moisturizer!!
  10. I first started using it when I was in high school and I never had any problems with the foundation. I used it everday for months on end and I didn't break out at all. It was like two years later that my skin went haywire on it's own. I'm sure it wasn't from the Mary Kay and that was the last time that I didn't worry about orangey foundations that were bad or clogging. My skin was really oily then too and it seemed to work fine for me. And it also seemed like my skin looked like skin and not obv
  11. Me too!!! I always go on these kicks of trying something new and before I know it... I've got makeup up to my ears!! I try to stick with something until it's done but it has yet to happen! Always on the search for something better and more affordable... or sometimes expensive
  12. So I'm waiting for my Mary Kay to arrive... should be here by maybe tomorrow or the next day. I've got nothing right now and I'm itching to go buy a drugstore foundation. And a concealer... any suggestions that are good for ethnic skin?
  13. I remember feeling that way and then they were out before I knew it! It's great to see my face minus blackheads!!
  14. Same here!! I'm in my last month with no breakouts (yay!) but um I'm a tomato. It gets aggravated by sun or hot water or really just laying around... I don't think there is anything to do really. At night after I moisturize I dab on a little aloe vera gel which seems to quiet it down but it never goes away. Well, at least I don't have to use blush anymore!
  15. I use SPF and everything but my skin is still pretty sensitive to the sun. I was never sensitive before accutane. I personally think that during the winter is the best time for accutane based on my skin.