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  1. Hi, Jess. I wish I could do what you're doing with the low dose accutane. I don't think I could deal with fabulous ipledge that long, though.
  2. Hi, Joy! It's a good thing you're writing in this log so you have an outlet for all you're feeling. I know one day soon you'll have nothing new to report because you'll be clear!
  3. My appointment was 5 days before the 30 days. My doctor dated the prescription normally, then just waited 5 days to confirm the visit in ipledge. I'm of normal child bearing potential, too. I can see how that probably wasn't technically kosher, but it worked okay. After I filled my first prescription, I waited a week to start taking the pills because I unexpectedly had to travel out of state. Now I'm glad I did, because I'll be a week ahead if I hit a gap somewhere down the line.
  4. Yes, last month I went to my appointment before the 30 days had passed and it was fine. Your Dr. just won't be able to register you in ipledge right away
  5. Ha ha, maybe something to do with blood pressure? Totally guessing. Or maybe she's just sadistic and likes to make sure her victims are nervous before she inserts the needle and yanks it to and fro. You know, I've read so many people saying that the quality of their skin improved even more after getting off accutane, so maybe that'll be the case with you.
  6. Two weeks later, everything is healing up fine. I didn't even take antibiotics. FYI, I'm only about halfway through my accutane course, so maybe those later in their course might have more trouble with healing.
  7. I got a bruise like that last month after getting my blood drawn. Ouch! It was ugly greyish-yellow and stuck around for a couple of weeks. Yesterday I got my bloodwork done again and was very nervous to see the same lady coming at me with the needle. I tried to get on her good side right away. She then had trouble getting any blood out and asked me, "Are you nervous?"
  8. Good luck with the bloodwork, Mrs. N! I just got mine done yesterday. It took me half the day, due to a couple of setbacks and several phone calls. Sometimes being on accutane is like having an extra part time job. Hang in there. Christmas is almost here. I hope you get to sit back and enjoy it for a moment before it's over. I've had the same experience as MrsZ and Platinum with the mineral makeup. It accentuated every pore and flake on my face when I applied it. I do like colorescien
  9. I like sebastian potion 9. I've seen paul mitchell leave-in conditioner and also kiehl's leave-in conditioner recommended here. Silicone stuff like frizz-ease and biosilk are good for controlling frizz, but I've read that you shouldn't use it before heat styling because it'll dry your hair out more.
  10. Hi! Please stop using that 15x mirror! At least use it in flattering light. I once read a quote, I can't remember who said it: "Me at my worst is no more real than me at my best." I think accutane perhaps does accentuate the scarring, due to the thin skin. I feel the same regret you do about not taking accutane earlier, but I figure there's no sense dwelling on that. After you're done with the course, maybe you can get on a topical retinoid to improve the overall appearance of your skin,
  11. Wow, you're organized! So were you set up on ipledge with this doctor before you ever even met with him? Did you explain everything when you made the appointment? I might be moving before my course is over, so please let me know what happens!