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  1. Hey Netrice, I don't come on here often, but when I do I usually see desperate pleas like yours. What's happening to you is normal. Benzoyl Peroxide HAS to be continuously used in order to be effective. If you stop, you will get a "rebound effect" occur where acne pops back up because you discontinued usage. A similar thing happened to me on Duac. You say the things you've used didn't work. It's because you're not tackling internal hormonal imbalances as well. You're only putting a "bandage"
  2. The sooner you get rid of it; the better. Acne gets worse and leaves devastating marks if left untreated.
  3. Stress does exacerbate acne. Here are some tips to reduce it: Exercise Daily. Spend a few minutes each day exercising. Try to have fun doing this. Meditate. Spend a few minutes each morning meditating. Scientific studies shown it helps a lot. Drink Coffee? Try to use 500 mg B5 and L-theanine daily. It helps reduce the cortisol spike from caffeine consumption. Take Vitamin C. It reduces cortisol considerably. Plan your first priorities the night before. Planning wha
  4. I swear to god, I laughed the entire video. Every single comment was absolutely hilarious. I don't know why people care about how others look, as if looking at them is an insult. Why do people bring others down? Why waste valuable time doing that? Life is too short to care what others think about you. All that matters is what you think about yourself and how your loved ones are doing. Don't ever mix up your self-worth with your skin. Your skin changes sporadically, but your self-worth should b
  5. Thanks for the warning and suggestions. I've lost all hopes for topicals and natural remedies. I know all of the side effects that could result from taking accutane, but I'm willing to take the risk. I have been suffering fro seven years without the help from a doctor. Now my skin is horrible enough to be put on the craziest drug one could possibly take for acne, and I'm doing it. All drugs are dangerous. Life itself is dangerous. I want to be able to live my life to the fullest:).
  6. Try what I say first before trying Accutane. I took Accutane and though it does work, I did experience some very horrid side effects but due to some other contributing factors as well. @shmilyM It should help any skin type, but it's more effective towards the oily skin type. Anecdotally, yes I do. I actually got my first pimple after ejaculating. Before, I would consume a whole gallon of milk a day without any reactions. After I started masturbating, I started to get frequent breakouts, oily
  7. I could rub myself with poop have the most stressfull day in the world and even take milk supplement overdose iwouldnt get 1 zit before building muscle so all these studies are nice but personal experience is the real education I never disagreed with you, I'm just stating there's no evidence. If it helps you to not to bodybuild then go for it! Whatever helps your individual case better, all the better. Anecdotally, I experience the same things and I'm actually exac
  8. I disagree ever since i started building muscle acne came and my diet didnt change 1 bit Everyone will have a different anecdotal account. You may not take into account the different supplements you take, face washing routine (sweat produced from workout), over exercising (a stressor), or some other type of variable you may not have taken into account. There's no evidence regardless that bodybuilding can cause or worsen acne. One could hypothesize that there's slig
  9. [Disclaimer: I've built up a "Masturbation Acne Hypothesis" based on current scientific research; I'll disclose more about it in a few months. My post will thus be biased based on my findings.] Your hypothesis is slightly correct, but very much simplified and misconstrued. Weight lifting does not cause acne nor does it increase the incidence of it; matter in fact, it should help clear your skin if done in moderation. But, to explain the phenomenon you're experiencing, I'll tell you why it
  10. It changes based on person and genetics. My brother used it and was clear for years afterwards but he still breaks out. Some people, literally, right after the treatment finishes get acne. It all depends. Just wanted to let you know Accutane is incredibly dangerous. It's used as a last resort and not a first. It was previously a cancer drug, so you can understand how devastating the side effects can be if misused or you incorrectly assess your body's warning signs. It could also halt your
  11. Someone tried it but reported they were receiving massive headaches. Do not try it without consulting a doctor first. I messaged you btw ^.
  12. Just based on what you said, I don't think I'm going to continue with my trials. That person that you're reading about is touting the generic belief that acne is 100% attributed to diet. He just made a connection with high glycemic and low glycemic diets. We know that the western diet is incredibly high glycemic (dairy, excessive protein consumption, sugar, carbs, fats, and low in essential vitamins). Diets of natives were low glycemic and were nutrient dense. I'm not saying you should eat me
  13. Wow, this is very comprehensive. I applaud you for posting all this and showing us all the parameters available. Let me advise you with something as it seems you're doing exactly what I was doing. Diet plays a role but it's not that big of a factor unless you have incredibly bad allergies with food. I know, that's something that you don't want to hear but it's true. Looking at all the studies, the only thing that has shown to improve acne is a low glycemic index diet. Despite the food the pers