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  1. Fasting or just drinking a bone broth soup for a day or two and slowly introducing solids helps with stomach, and intestine issues such as inflammation triggered by foods that ones body doesn't react well with. it helps the inflammation subside if you keep eating solids and junk foods it will continue to inflame so soup fasting is good for that issue. The reason why is inflammation causes your intestines swell up and inflame, it takes a while to have it cool down once the flare up subsides you
  2. I ordered my retin online for a good price, but the micro is 100 dollars for a small tube lol
  3. Did you get your retin A gel online or from a perscription? I think I should try the gel, because this cream stuff is so bad, if it really has a clogging ingredient like you said, its horrible for people with acne, maybe the cream is better for older people who don't get acne. the micro gel is super expensive.
  4. Do you put the stuff on your chest? I never got that, but I do notice where I apply it I got some huge zits, I never got zits on my neck area, but I decided to put some leftover retin A with some lotion around my neck area and I broke out I got 3 huge zits with no white head, the zit was so deep in the skin it took ages just to go away and now I have 3 dark spots.
  5. I been using this stuff for a little over 4 months now, and the stuff is always breaking me out. I don't get those small surface zits but it seems to pull huge oil filled zits from arounnd my forehead area and nose. People told me that means its working but sometimes I have to stop using it for a week because it dries my skin out so bad especially in winter, it made my skin peel, so I use it every other day. Now My skin is peeling still and I have dark spots all over my forehead from the zits
  6. Or will it destroy the Retin A and make it less effective? I noticed that it's hard to really get all areas of the skin with just a tiny pea drop of Retin A, so could one mix it with a small drop of moisturizer in hands and apply it on the face?
  7. well people have told me I look like James Franco but I dont see it cause im pretty dark.

  8. Heather you look like Linda Blair in her 20s she was hot.

  9. lol thanks...and as for acting...hellz no! haha i cannot memorize things...i will stick with being an educator...i dont have to memorize a script! lol..and thanks again...u got no pic up..no i cant say nuthin bout u

  10. wow you look exotic I would of guessed italian. You could pass for a lot of nationalities every consider acting?

  11. thanks...and nope mainly white...then some italian...indian...

    and french

  12. Lookin good what Ethnicity are you? Im guessing Half White Half Asian?

  13. as well as yourself

  14. cool because shes hot haha