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  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share what has worked for me in case I can help someone struggling with hormonal acne. It's nothing really new or original - I have to give a lot of credit to "The Big Hormone Post," which if you have not read, I highly recommend! In November I started taking 480mg saw palmetto every day, and then in December I added 250mg of stinging nettle root extract, but I didn't start seeing any real difference in my skin until I starting taking the stinging nettle twice a d
  2. You guys! I haven't had a single pimple in over a month. NOT A ONE! I decided that this will be my last post in this thread unless something bad happens with my skin (knock on wood). If I make it 2 months with clear skin, I will make a new thread in the hormonal acne forum about this.
  3. Hi! Spotting is a common side effect, especially if you have just switched to a different pill. In that case it usually will stop after you've been taking the same pill for about 3 months. If it's still bothering you after 3 months, it might help to switch to a pill with more estrogen (you're taking Yaz which has 20mcg of estradiol, so an easy change for you might be to switch to Yasmin, which has the same progestin but 30mcg of estradiol). When I first started taking birth control I was o
  4. Update: Another week later and my skin is still clear! I'm amazed and I really hope this lasts
  5. Ok so I toughened up and decided to post the pictures. This is what my skin looks like right now. Currently I have no active blemishes; all the spots are hyperpigmentation/scars. And sorry for the heavy censoring. I do not want to be identifiable.
  6. I've been afraid to update for a while in case I jinx it, but as it stands right now, MY SKIN IS CLEAR. I haven't had a new pimple in over 2 weeks! I was thinking of posting some pictures, but I'm way too embarrassed of my hyperpigmentation. If it gets a little better/my skin stays clear, I will definitely suck it up and show you guys.
  7. Rashy areas are gone thank god. Not too much else to report on, acne seems like it's improving overall, but so slowly that I can't tell if it truly is getting better or not. I'm so impatient, lol
  8. Ughhhhh. My acne is not too bad at the moment but now I have somehow irritated my skin, especially my forehead and inner cheeks and they have raised/red rashy areas and I don't know what I did. The only thing I can think of is maybe from using baking soda to exfoliate (gently! but I guess my skin can't handle it regardless). I put some of the steroid cream I use for my eczema on it, which will hopefully bring it down by tomorrow but it's not labeled non-comedogenic or anything Even if it doesn'
  9. This is how I feel too. My skin never really gets to a point where it's completely clear and perfect, but I will stop breaking out for long stretches of time and I think finally something might be working and then suddenly break out again. It's the most discouraging and frustrating thing ever, and I also feel like the only one around me with acne most of the time. I understand what you all are going through
  10. I've been taking the stinging nettle twice a day for a few days in a row now, so I'm going to stick with this dose for a good long while and just wait for it to do what it's going to do (if anything). I will keep updating about the process. My pimples from the other day have healed but added to my huge collection of red marks. Sigh. I have also switched to using Finacea twice per day instead of Finacea once and BP once since a few weeks ago, because I find it just as effective and less irritat
  11. I had no new breakouts for about a week, then lo and behold, I broke out again :/ I'm beyond frustrated. I'm so jealous of everyone with clear skin and I just want it so badly
  12. My face is doing much better since my last post, but once again I don't know if I can count on that trend to continue...I'm definitely on an emotional rollercoaster with all these ups and downs. I still have hope that things might get better. I have yet to increase the stinging nettle dosage- I feel like I take so many pills with vitamins, prescription meds, etc. and it's been difficult for me to keep track of taking everything consistently, but if DHT is my problem I think it might help.
  13. Skin seems like it's getting worse. I'm really stressed out which isn't helping anything. I hope I just need to give it more time because if this doesn't end up being the solution for me I don't even know what to try next
  14. Taking the stinging nettle and saw palmetto together seems fine so far. I think I will up the dose soon and then update with how that goes. For a while there I really thought I saw my skin starting to change. Less oil, very few or no active breakouts, but I always seem to break out again as soon as it seems like things are looking up. I had a couple of small whiteheads on my chin/jaw area again which are gone now, but currently I have a pimple on my forehead that has potential to be bad I'm
  15. Ok so I took my first capsule of stinging nettle extract today (the one I'm using is Now brand, 250 mg). I'm not going to keep track of the days anymore by counting because I think it will get confusing if I keep changing the doses of what I'm taking, so I will just go by the dates on my posts. The serving size on the bottle is 2 capsules, so I'm going to take it once a day for a while and as long as I don't have any side effects I will increase it to twice a day. I also got pumpkin seed extrac