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  1. Week 7/8 update: I am keeping the same routine and staying with 50mg for another 2 months, and then I will have another follow-up to reevaluate. I'm very happy with the results so far, it remains to be seen if anything will change in that amount of time, positive or negative. I probably will not be updating as often if everything stays the same, only if anything noteworthy happens. Either way though I will come back on here in 2 months and report back at that point!
  2. Week 6/7: Again nothing much to update on, everything has been pretty much the same for a while. Overall, I have seen a huge reduction in breakouts that I'm really happy about. I still get some occasionally but nothing as bad as I was experiencing in the first few weeks when I started this routine. I have a follow-up with the dermatologist next week so next time I will update about that and if my dosage of spiro gets increased.
  3. Week 5/6: Skin is ok right now, only one new pimple in about 2 weeks. I'm going through something very stressful in my life though so it won't surprise me if it gets worse.
  4. Week 4/5: My wish was granted and my skin was doing pretty ok for the rest of last week. Breakouts seem to be slowing down a little but hard to say for sure. I picked up my first refill of Spiro today.
  5. Week 3/4: No new cysts this week, a few smaller pimples that have for the most part healed quickly. I have a lot of important events coming up so if my skin can just stay as calm as it is now for a while longer I will be happy.
  6. Week 2/3 update: Some new cysts over the weekend (yay perfect timing for social events). Other than that, still doing fine, I'm okay being patient with this routine since negative effects are at a minimum so far.
  7. Week 1/2 update: Nothing much is happening right now with my skin. I've had some dryness from the epiduo (also worth mentioning that to start out I've only been using it on my main problem areas, which are my chin and my right cheek) but nothing crazy. Some small pimples have come up but they come to a head and go away quickly. Again, nothing crazy. I haven't noticed any side effects yet from the spiro.
  8. Hey, I'm sorry that you're having a hard time. I am too at the moment. I just wanted to say that I'm around your age and I relate to everything you said. I work with people face-to-face also. I've been trying hormonal treatments for the last little while and haven't really found the right combination of things yet. So I completely understand how frustrating and bad it feels. Somehow I keep finding it in me to keep trying and I hope that you do too. If you want to you can PM me anytime.
  9. Thank you, I really appreciate it and that is good advice. I'm in this for the long haul - I've been dealing with acne and other hormonal issues for most of my life. I'm sorry to hear that spiro isn't working for you anymore, are you trying anything different at the moment? I hope better days are ahead for both of us. Feel free to post on my thread anytime!
  10. This is my third personal log on this forum and I have to say, I'm a little sad to be back here again, because it obviously means nothing I've tried previously has worked. I've been on Yasmin for a little over a year, and it has not given me the results I was looking for, so I talked to a new dermatologist, who has prescribed spiro as well as Epiduo Forte for me (which I'm a little nervous about because retinoids have not worked out well for me in the past, but I'm going to give it a fair shot u
  11. Ok, so we're almost 2 weeks into Yasmin month 6. Still not experiencing the "flawless" skin other girls say that they have on this pill. I have the most stubborn pimple ever on my cheek- I've been spot treating it for 5 days and it just isn't doing anything
  12. I'm really sorry that you're going through this I used Retin-A for 3 months before giving up. I started getting the worst cystic acne of my life a couple weeks in (my whole chin would be covered with 3-5 huge cysts fused together) and constantly breaking out on my cheeks (where I never used to break out before using it) even though I never had any side effects like flaking or peeling. The breakouts never stopped in that 3 month time period and when I quit, there was an immediate improvement.
  13. I had a little whitehead on my chin this week which I stupidly picked at but besides that, no new problems. Tea regimen is going ok, birth control is going ok, still continuing to improve my diet although I've managed not to go too crazy with sugar. I changed my skincare routine a bit, using some cheaper products, and it's working pretty well so far so I thought I'd post it here. A lot of the suggestions on the skincareaddiction subreddit have been working really well for me. I always thought sa
  14. How has everyone been doing?
  15. Not much new to report but I thought I'd share a little update since I've been doing better with my diet and drinking tea every day, and so far no new cysts since a couple weeks ago. At the end of the week I start month 6 of Yasmin.
  16. New chin cyst appeared three-ish days ago, no signs of it getting better I didn't drink tea for a few days and wasn't doing great with eating either so maybe I do need to be better/more consistent with both of those things. Going to redouble my efforts I guess. Also just thought I'd throw in here that I'm deeply disappointed in Mario Badescu products, especially the buffering lotion (which is supposed to be for cysts). I've tried it so many times and never once has it made a lick of differenc
  17. Still doing pretty well at the moment, even though my diet hasn't been the best it could be for the last week or so either. Slowly trying to make changes.
  18. Hi there, I've been trying to drastically reduce my sugar intake as well (hasn't been going great so far, lol). I have a thread going in the personal logs forum but I'm also using it to keep track of my progress on birth control and some other regimens, so I'd be happy to join in on this thread too.
  19. And now we are back to no active breakouts (for the moment). Thought I should mention that I indulged a little (or a lot) over the holiday weekend. Also, I have only managed to drink 1 cup of tea per day so far instead of 2. Not sure if that's going to make a difference or not but I feel like anything is better than nothing. So.. I guess this is mainly a Yasmin log for now, since I can't seem to stay consistent with anything else Not giving up though
  20. Alright. Things are not going well and I decided to take a bit of a different approach, so I'll be editing the first post. State of my skin right now: I have that one cyst, plus about three other spots healing right now. There's a lump under the skin between my eyes that I'm just waiting to see if it turns into a cyst or not
  21. Hey, I'm in the US so I can't offer much advice, but I've been reading this thread and just wanted to say good luck to you. I feel that many doctors don't really consider/don't have much knowledge about hormonal acne, especially about Spiro, not only in the UK I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow!
  22. You guys I spoke way too soon, I have a huge cyst/nodule on my chin which I haven't had for several years, so not sure what's up with that but it doesn't seem like a good sign.
  23. Quick update again - I have been very bad about sticking to this regimen so far. There has been a good amount of drinking and going out to eat, as well as a few days of forgetting to take supplements. However....my skin is still looking the best it has in a long time. I have one clogged pore on my chin that's a little inflamed but really nothing significant. I'm puzzled. I feel like I'm either on the verge of a new breakout/major setback, or Yasmin is actually working.
  24. Thought I would write a quick update. I had 2 more zits come up on my chin plus the one I mentioned already in the middle of last week, but by Friday they had all cleared up and my skin feels smooth now. I don't really think my diet can have made any difference this fast (especially since I had a couple of events this week where I ate cake, drank alcohol, etc.) so my hypothesis right now is that maybe Yasmin is kicking in since I started my fourth pack. Not sure. I will update again if I have so
  25. I made a log for my progress on saw palmetto (and other anti-androgen herbs) about a year ago, which completely cleared my skin for a while. Over the summer I slowly started breaking out again and changed up my supplement routine a bit in response, but that didn't seem to help. Now, I have been on Yasmin for almost exactly 3 months (finish my third pack at the end of this week) and still haven't seen improvement. I remember how much making my last log helped me through a hard time and thought ma