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  1. Thanks Mandy, for the nice words. So glad to hear that ACV is helping you in some way! Are you using it topically, by the way? Some people on the board claim that it works like a charm as well! I personally don't use it topically, just because the smell is a bit strong for me. I find it much easier to hold my nose and drink through a straw. :) Good luck! HappyGurl :)
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinegar#Apple_cider Hope this helps for an exact definition. Popular brands include Heinz (filtered) and Bragg's (unfiltered). Good luck! Happygurl :)
  3. Hi Lebal, I think it's possible that ACV might work for some people because it helps to detoxify and clean out the liver and kidneys, to ensure that your system is working in optimal conditon. Although there may not be a direct link (at least not proven by science yet!) between diet and acne, it is believed by some that acne is the result of certain toxins in the blood that have been released through the skin, because the liver and kidneys are unable to cleanse the system efficiently. T
  4. Hi Aaron_aaron, Thanks so much for your post! Hmm...Honestly, I did not experience an initial breakout phase, but I have noticed some people on the board commenting about this. I think a few people went through a period of time where things got better before they got worse...the only thing I am pretty sure about is the 3-week cycle -- as in, it takes three weeks for a pimple to form beneath the skin before it emerges above. So blemishes that you "conceive" (for lack of a better term!) right
  5. Hi Brutus, Glad you like the taste! I actually like it now too, although admittedly, it took a while for me to get used to it. I'm amazed that you loved it right off the bat! Well, good for you, and good luck to you! HappyGurl :)
  6. Try pure Shea Butter. Not the creams made "from shea butter," I mean try using the pure stuff. It really helps with dry skin. You can get it from L'Occitane. It's very expensive there, but you may only need to use it for a few weeks before your skin regains more balanced moisture levels. Good luck! HappyGurl
  7. How much are you putting in the water, AlliE_CaT? Just curious. It seems that a few people on the board have mentioned that they can't deal with the taste of ACV + water. I completely understand this, but was wondering perhaps if people are trying to use too much at one time? HappyGurl
  8. I drink it throughout the day. Some people say that it works better if you drink it right before a meal, while others say it's better after...Some people even say that when you have a *mild* case of food poisoning, it's good to take a shot of ACV and chase it with water. The ACV is said to kill any harmful bacteria in your intestines. I have NO idea if this works, haven't had food poisoning since my college days (pre-ACV days). But my point is, I think that everyone feels pretty differently abou
  9. Hey MrNiceGuy, I use any cleanser that happens to be around at the time...but I should really break this habit, it's just born out of laziness! :rolleyes: For moisturizer, I use Oil of Olay Protective Sunscreen Lotion, because it's gentle on sensitive skin and has an SPF of 30. But today I went out and bought myself a tin of Shea Butter, so I'm going to use a little bit on my face, day to day and see what I think. I hear it's pretty effective, it's all natural (which I like a lot, because
  10. Hey k_chocolat, I'm really sorry I'm so late in replying to your post. I just realized that I never answered you earlier (?). Really sorry about that! I honestly can't really share any valuable advice about nodules and/or cysts. My acne was mild to moderate. I imagine, though, that ACV wouldn't be harmful to any form of acne. It really just depends on how your body reacts to the ACV. While I would love to say for certain that it could help with nodules or cysts, I wouldn't want to get anyon
  11. Glad you're having such great results, Misterhealthman! That's wonderful news. Hope it continues for ya! Good luck, HappyGurl
  12. Hi brl1986, How are you? I'm sorry you're experiencing some facial breakouts, but I have seen some people mention on this board that they had initial good results and then a few breakouts before it improved again... I didn't experience any kind of "purge" stage, persay, but I have also heard that it takes three weeks for a blemish to emerge from the skin. It sort of incubates (for lack of a better term...) until then. Perhaps this is what you might be experiencing? Sorry I cannot be of mo
  13. Hey there, tickertock23! Thanks so much for the thanks... :D I'm really glad that you are seeing some positive results. Sorry to hear that you had a cold. I read somewhere (and also on this board, in fact!) that ACV may be able to help reduce mucous deposits in the body. I don't know if this is true, but maybe that could be why it's been helping a bit with your cold?? Feel better, and Happy Holidays to you! Good luck, HappyGurl :)
  14. I follow the ACV with a juice of some sort to get the ACV out of my mouth entirely. I also use a mouth wash before I brush. Not really sure how else to do it... I've been using a straw these past few weeks, and I hope it's helping. I finally learned to drink it so the liquid barely touches my teeth, if at all...Hope this does the job! Otherwise, the ice cube idea that someone had was really great as well! Good luck, HappyGurl :)
  15. Hi Zipzoolander! I have heard that the tablets aren't as effective as the liquid, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try them. I'd be very curious to see if you see any good results! Good luck, HappyGurl :)