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    Used it for a week all it does is dry out your skin..not even the pimples smells bad too. Could be the fact my skin has become immune to zinc but i genuinely believe that has nothing to do with it.
  2. Causes acne. Something this harsh should not be on your skin.

    Used it for a giant cyst persistent on my right cheek 2 years ago and remember it did not help at all and infact caused cystic acne all over my face (blackheads whiteheads nodules etc) which i still have to deal with till this day. So a month ago i bought tea tree oil forgetting what it did to me (dried my skin ,scarred my face,caused acne) for my itchy dry scalp. I used it on my scalp go to sleep next day i wake up....'hello darkness my old friend ive come to talk with you again'. I wake up and
  3. Worked very well but blocked pores

    The first day i used sudocrem i put it all over my face and went sleep the next day icouldnt f**king believe it. It was likei was back in high school. I did the same thing the next day and it got even better. However i realised some things are too good to be true and the next day my face broke out. BAD. Clogged my pores bad and dried out my skin. I will try it again once im off doxy ( doxy dried up my skin dont wanna completely destroy my face) or atleast when doxy fixes my skin. If you havent u
  4. I know someone who became infertile due to it but she was on it for a long while, and it is very rare from my knowledge.
  5. thank you for the advice but for now i want to see what will happen to my skin if i dont put anything on it for a while. It could be i put too much chemicals on my face aggravating it.
  6. i have a really weird type. The marks on the right side of my face have deep spots under i would get fat red pus filled ( around 8cm long and 2cm in width) id ice them for a week pop them when they are at the surface and a week later it would happen again i also have hairs trapped in the smaller spots