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  1. I am in the same boat as you and feel your pain. I'm 32 and have the same backne issues. I've been using a product called AcneFree to help control the acne, but am still looking for something to help with the scarring. I've tried Loreal's Acne Response Peel. It's help with the texture of my skin, but the dark marks are not going anywhere fast. I am considering laser peel or something to speed up the cell turnover . . I'll keep you posted. Good luck! -Kim
  2. I take a multi-vitamin + a Vit A gel capsule and Vit E gel capsule along with my regular cleansing regimen has helped to control the back acne I suffer with. My face is clear however and has been for awhile. Just battling the back. I had heard awhile back that the A & E should help with skin texture/tone too! So far so good
  3. Hey All! I've tried Proactiv before for use on my Backne. I am 32 years old and have clear skin on my face, but break out pretty bad on my back due to my physically active lifestyle. The Proactiv was harsh on my skin and made the acne worse. I've been using the AcneFree from Sam's Club/Costco for about 1 year and have it better controlled. It by no means is completely clear, however I have significantly reduced the acne on my back. I use a loofah with the cleanser (don't scrub) using mild pres