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  1. I'm going to be starting a low dose Accutane course with my new derm in January for 1 year! I am not sure exactly how much I will be taking but I believe it will be low given the length of time of the treatment and the fact that she assured me that the only side effect I would experience would be dry lips. I have fortunately only mild acne - but I have had it a very, very long time - since I was 18 am now 32. Typically in the past I have had excellent results with antibiotics - I must have tak
  2. thats the same as me..im just in recovery now, and have suddenly put on nearly 40lb, so feel enormous anyway...ive only been on Yasmin a week and a half, and havent put on any more weight so thats good, but i was hoping it would help more with my usual water retention problems, but im just about the same. I refuse to take the pill because of weight gain and boob issues as a recovering anorexic the thought of this drives me to the brink. My derm has suggested low dose accutane as a possibl
  3. Hi there! Thanks for all your feedback. Actually, I was surprised when my new derm said she'd try me on Accutane straight off. As I've said before although persistant my acne is typically mild. I always have one or two spots but am never totally clear now. However I was at the beginning when I first started taking antibiotics. I am very fortunate not to have suffered with breakouts that effect my entire face. Typically, just chin area and forehead. However, if I am not on antibiotics thes
  4. I am English and when I was living in the UK I always went private and paid my own way to see a derm about my acne. Fortunately, I got a private referral from an Opthalmic(sp?) surgeon to see his brother - a dermatologist because my acne was effecting my eyes?? Bizarre I know but true. I completely bypassed my GP and the NHS because I knew that as they wouldn't consider my condition life threatening I wouldn't be taken seriously. I have seen a derm on and off for acne since I was 19. I am n
  5. My acne is mild but persistent - I hope this new derm knows what she's doing? She has practiced in the US. I was all for doing a regular course if needs be - microdose was her suggestion. What's "iPledge" by the way??
  6. When asked my derm says that Accutane users will continue to suffer from dry lips permanently. Also this is very, very rare and due to lack of iron, there was one poor woman who lost her hair while taking Accutane and that it never grew back afterwards.
  7. I just switched dermatologists - having finally plucked up courage to see a derm in Paris where I now live as opposed to my old UK derm who I have been seeing for the past 6 years or so... - she took one look at me - asked my age - and declared it wasn't normal for a 32 year old to have pimples! I have had mild grade 1-2 acne since I was 18 which has responded very well to antibiotics up to now. This new derm said that longterm use of antibiotics was not good nor possible and will be putting