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  1. Heya guys..

    As usual i'm thankful for the existence of you guys and of course this website. Anyway, I found this ingredient in my moisturizer (Dermalogica, which was crap and costed me a leg), Silk Amino Acids, I browsed through the old threads but havent seen this yet. So, anyone knows? CHeers!

  2. i dont like using moisturizer myself, and i understand how you feel, dryness on me feels like the product is working, but i never get myself to use a moisturizer.. anyway when my skin gets flaky, it soon goes away when my natural oil moisturize itself. Are moisturizers really important?? I read from somewhere skin of all kind needs moisturizers.. i dunno 8-[

  3. Heya,

    That's weird because as i see here, ppl claimed to see their face clearing up within a few days of using the regime, doesnt the acne leave the redness initially??What if I only spot the neutrogena on acnes instead of smearing it all over my trouble area, would that be better... ](*,) sigh i'm going nuts.

  4. Hi guys! I'm new here and i enjoyed this site. I have a question on BP before running to the mall, does BP promote healing as well? I would say I have light acne but my cheeks are peppered with acne redness from before with some huge pores, which looks like blood cloggings on the skin?? Will applying BP on the trouble area help reduce the redness and at the same time treat existing acne??? Or I should only apply the BP on the spots at this moment?? Thanks!