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  1. hey guys!!!! this is my 13th going 14th week in two more days on accutane. SUCKS Let me tell you guys more about my country National Skin Centre singapore. So i went there on my first visit and was prescribed with 10mg, i had to take blood test every time i visit there, and the most they could do is increase by 10mg. Now its 3.5 months and i'm at 30mg. NSC is so expensive and time wasting, my friends who went to private clinics were done with their accutane journey in 6months while he
  2. hwy man!!! i think you have really nicer skin than most of us here on this site. the struggles is real. u can get thru this (:
  3. sigh hey! check my previous post for a pic of my acne breakout thank you so much for the motivation!!!! means a lot to me. i'm going to screenshot and keep this in my iphone notepad cheers! have a great day mate ❤️ we will get thru this.
  4. Hey guys! To begin with, i got inspired by this post: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/317725-how-do-i-stay-motivated-on-accutane-going-crazy-and-emotionally-unstable/ . To be honest, i teared upon reading because i can relate to him..... Im on my second month accutane and my motivations are depleting Im 17 and i've been having acne since i'm 14. I used to have pimples way before anyone had when i was 10 i thought it was normal. From where i come from its 37 degrees Celsius hot and
  5. hey guys! i need motivation... DOES ACCUTANE RLY WORK?? an update: today marks my 7th week on accutane. I'm breaking out soooo bad. Based on articles i've read, most shared that week 10 onwards, your acne will miraculously disappear slowly. Looking forward to it! Accutane is really so bad to me right now, sometimes i wish i didn't start on accutane because my face is soooo bad. My face before accutane was so much better??,... My jaw line has been so itchy lately and i can't resist the