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  1. Keeley is not a sweet angel, dont let her kid you. She is a very very bad girl.
  2. I found the only answer is to get white bedding, nightclothes and towels. No problem!
  3. I tend to disagree with the point about diet being unrelated to acne. Perhaps there are not any main, universal foods which have been proven to trigger it, but YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! If your diet is not well balanced and providing you with the nutrients you need, or you consume a large amount of sugary and processed (junk) food, it IS going to show on your skin, and in your health in general. I would imagine diet has more of an impact on acne than the brand of toothpaste you use......
  4. Chin spots are a bitch to cover if they are in the crease. Or the nose mouth creases. Makeup tends to wear off easier in these places...must be talking too much..
  5. After acne my biggest image issue is probably stature. Or lack of it.
  6. Me too. It just follows the seasons. I just need to go somewhere with an eternal summer.
  7. Unless your a mod its not really appropriate for you to be jumping into threads pointing out their irrelevance in the forum (unless, of course, its a thread called ''suck my dick'' or something similar) If that needs to be done, its a job for the mods, god knows, there are enough of them.
  8. I have a little one and he is always loudly making embarrassing comments about people. Only today we saw a woman with dreadlocks and he loudly proclaimed it to be 'scraggly', much to my horror. Of course i tell him that saying things about how someone looks can hurt their feelings but until he is older he just wont understand or remember to keep quiet. Little kids cannot comprehend how their comments can hurt others, they just say what they see. Ask your mum, i bet you showed her up by saying
  9. You are obsessed with you. Seriously, get a life. And a prescription.
  10. Neck is usually paler than the face because the face gets sun exposure where the neck is shaded. Back of my hand is nothing like my face though Guess im a patchwork. For a colour match i just use a little on the jawline and go look at it outside with a little mirror. I believe some cosmetics companies make little colour match cards, with the colours printed on clear plastic so you can hold it up to your face, and the one you cannot see against your skin is your match. Such a good idea.
  11. I never said you were. Its just i got this image of you hanging around the baby clinic touting for nursing mothers.......
  12. Where would you be getting that from?