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  1. Sigh...everytime I see this comparison...I either feel like I've been ripped off by my derm or the person posting is just making numbers up b/c my Dr. recommended treatments with the Palomar over the Fraxel laser when he had both available and said he had better results with it over Fraxel. I've had 4 treatments now, so I guess time will tell if it was worth it at this point.
  2. Well...maybe it works opposite of advertised but I doubt it...b/c it sure as hell didn't do anything for my raised scar! As a matter of fact, I found Sudden Change Scar Zone to be better than Mederma. Atleast that faded the redness in my scar.
  3. Well, I've definitely seen improvement in my face overall. However, any percentage I try to put on improvement would be something I pull out of the air. I have all sorts of scars on my cheeks and temples. My cheeks have improved the most, especially overall texture. I had about 4 pits on my left cheek and the two closest to the cheek bone have filled in rather nicely but the other 2 are still very visible. Overall, the improvements aren't as great as I hoped for because when I look in the m
  4. Bumping this. It doesn't seem like many people have tried Palomar machines on these message boards. My derm uses them, so I would like to hear other people's experience with ANY of the Palomar IPL products.
  5. i am not saying they are cheater or something. it is just about time. 10 days already. i couldn't do nothing for it. if i order cp serum from another site, and suddenly they approve my order and charge the money from me and blah blah blah. it is just don't make any sense. i am a little impatient now. sigh....
  6. I think you'll find that 10 different people will have 10 different opinions on the degree of their success with fraxel. In the end, I believe it comes down to your bodies ability to produce collagen.
  7. I'll keep posted on my progress. I won't have a good idea how effective Affirm is however since my doc only used it for the first treatment thus far.
  8. Hey Yellow, Coincidentally, I just had my third treatment today. My doctor used cooltouch and then palomar 1540 for treatment this time. From my original consultation, he told me that I'd need 3 treatments and to come back in 6 months for more if I needed. Well, I asked him today if it would be less effective to have 3 treatments and then a 6 month break before more and he said no one really knows. So I went ahead and scheduled a 4th treatment for next month.
  9. Hey there, Same thing happened to me when I went for my consultation in December. I saw Dr. Robert Weiss in Baltimore and he told me he's had better results with Affirm over Fraxel. So far, I've had 2 laser treatments and have a 3rd next week. I believe he used the Affirm laser for the first treatment and then used 2 different lasers(1 was like a heat source to help penetrate deeper in the skin and the second was more like the affirm except he said it went deeper) for the second treatment. H
  10. What is the main reason why retin a is a prescribed product? What is so dangerous about it? I seem to hear more horror stories about people burning there faces with peels and acids then I do with Retin A. How does the government decide what is prescribed and what isn't? Is it when the FDA approves a product for a specific purpose deemed unsafe for OTC use?
  11. I thought I'd weigh in here as well since I've been using skinbiology's Super CP Serum and Exfol Serum for nearly 3 months now. Within the first 2 weeks, I thought this stuff was already dramatically improving my skin. However, upon closer look I can tell that it hasn't done much for my scars. I started fractional laser treatments at the end of December for scarring so I thought the cp would be a perfect compliment. I don't think it's really sped up or enhanced the collagen building process h
  12. I've had a chicken pock scar on my face since I was about 8. The funny thing is the chicken pock scar has never bothered me and I've never thought of it as something disturbing on my face. Yet, I absolutely can't stand my acne scars. I guess its the psychology behind what those scars represent.
  13. I believe this treatment or similar treatment was offered to me when I had my consultation last month. My derm said it was a C02/fractional laser so the downtime wouldn't be as bad as regular CO2. He told me it was about 5 days. I opted to not go with that option however.
  14. Hi, So I've recently had my first treatment with the Affirm 1440 laser, which I believe is pretty much equivalent to Fraxel without the blue dye. My question is my derm has said I need 3 treatments a month apart each and then to come back in 6 months to see if additional treatment is necessary. Does this sound like not enough treatments to see improvement from a laser similar to Fraxel? I've read most people having about 5 treatments. Also, if I wait 6 months after my 3rd treatment and I