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  1. Alright, just wanted to give a minor update... after I guess four days(?) since my last post, I've been doing all that stuff, definitely looks like it's improving... barely. It's still not flat, but it's not "black" anymore, it's more like dark red, and it looks less inflamed. The area is still really noticeable, but it's better, for sure. It's really soft, if I run my finger around my nose, it's actually the softest part of my nose, which makes me feel like maybe it just hasn't really heal
  2. Thanks for the responses guys. I'll use all the help I can get. About half an hour ago, I vapor thin layer of skin peeled off. It looks smaller underneath. Not totally flat at all, but definitely flatter than yesterday. And the "black" looks more ashy than red and inflamed. Looks like it *might* be healing. Hopefully, I can do this without extracting it. My plan is to go to work today w/ some tea tree oil swabbed on it. Then when I get home, I'll put some neosporin cream and a bandaid o
  3. I have a black bump AFTER getting a cortisone injection. My fourth injection, to be precise... You can read about it here, in case you're curious: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/month-inj...te-t234751.html
  4. OK, it's been almost two days since the injection, and it hasn't flattened. Now instead of a big, dark red bump, I have a big black bump.
  5. OK, here's an update... after a few days, the "core" of the cyst seemed to be less visible, and it hurt less. A thin layer of skin peeled off this morning (maybe from the tea tree oil). But there was a big red bump there, bigger than it's ever been. It was kind of smushy, not hard like someone was going to come out or anything. I went in to see a different derm just to get a second opinion. He said he could extract the core - it would involve local anasthesia and a tiny wire "scoop" - but h
  6. Yeah, I don't plan on going toe to toe with this one and fiddling with it. I've done that and regretted it. Thanks for the warning. My fear is that even if I do get it to go down w/ the icing and Aleve and tea tree oil and desitin, who's to say it'll really be knocked out for good. I mean, after all, it was hit by three injections and got right back up again. p.s. sorry for all the strange metaphors. It must be a coping mechanism or something.
  7. @polska: the "root" is definitely still in there. I can see it. It's just not coming to a head. I wish it would; I'd gladly brave the disgusting process of gently squeezing it out. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'm anywhere near that moment. It does hurt a lot, though, and when I've had ones that hurt this much, they almost always come to a head eventually. They've just never taken this long. This thing is definitely having its fifteen minutes of fame. I'd love to have someone extr
  8. Over a month ago, I developed a cyst on my nose - when you stretch the skin, you can see there's actually two little white spots deep inside, one larger than the other. After about a week or two of applying BP, icing it, etc., it wasn't going away, so I finally went in to get a cortisone shot. It went down, but not completely. About four days later, I went back and had it injected again. This time it went down flat, but the PIH stayed there for two weeks without any improvement. I was given
  9. Thanks for the reply! Yeah, it's not going away. This morning, it's undeniably bigger and redder. I called the derm who I got the injection from on Thu, and they said I have to wait 7-10 days before getting another injection(!), because it's not good to have too much of it in a short period of time. Does that sound about right? I made an appt. for Wed... Wow. This sucks. :confused:
  10. Hi guys, I had a nasty cyst-like blemish injected by a dermatologist on Thu afternoon (it's now Sun afternoon, so... three days later) and I'm left with this: http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/1743/img2947.jpg It's still slightly raised, which freaks me out, cause although it doesn't hurt anymore, it makes me feel like it may not be totally dead. But it is really dark - in dim light, it almost looks like someone took a stick of charcoal and swiped my nose - and with me, that's usually a si
  11. Funny enough, I actually just bought the Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree soap maybe... two weeks ago(?). I think I might've actually read the thread by you guys (Amber and Bruce) and decided to give it a shot. I remember years and years ago, seeing it on my mom's washing machine and thinking how odd the label was. But I've been shopping at Whole Foods for over a decade, so I just popped in there and got some. So far, it seems to be pretty good. I have still gotten some blemishes, though, so I'm stay
  12. As for my diet, I eat mostly chicken or fish, salad and some brown rice. I eat apples for snacks, usually. I drink plenty of water. The one thing I do not get enough of is sleep. I have horrible insomnia. The other thing is I'm stressed out almost all the time. So those things could definitely be contributing factors. The dandruff shampoo idea sounds interesting, but I've heard sodium laurel sulphate is bad for the skin, although I guess I haven't really experimented enough to know if it
  13. Anyone have a recommendation for a good dermatologist in Los Angeles or the valley? I'm thinking of giving it another shot... lots of bad experiences with dermatologists, but haven't been to one in years. Thanks!!
  14. I've had acne since I was a teenager, and I'm over 30 now. My acne is basically like this: every week I'll get a big pimple somewhere, cheek or chin usually, that seems to just come out of nowhere. Big ones, although I don't know if I'd characterize them as cysts. If they end up coming out, they're usually a solid, little white pellet sort of thing (papule?). Here are a few of the things I've tried for my acne (over the course of many years): -several dermatologists and their very short att
  15. Anyone have any ideas about this? I had a big pimple forming on my nose, right around the top middle. It got red and inflamed, and I could even see some dark spots where it looked like there were two blackheads coming up or something. I hit it with BP for a couple days and it eventually went down a little, and stopped hurting. Now it doesn't hurt at all, there are no dark spots or anything looking like it'll come to a head. Basically it seems dead. But the red bump is still there. I didn'