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  1. hey i just wanted to congratulate you on your success so far with accutane..and let you know that 6 months ago your red marks are exactly what mine looked like. and now, mine are seriously pretty much gone. mine really started to heal after i started Yasmin pre-accutane. im pretty sure its the estrogen. good luck with everything still!
  2. cut out about 90% of any junk food/packaged food youre eating. focus on freshly made, home-prepared foods. blueberries, a quart a day, have also been shown to have the same effects lowering cholesterol as some of the prescription medicines on the market. beans and broccoli and mushrooms and olive oil will help, too. as will any whole, fresh, natural food. uncooked raw fruits/veggies will be more effective. up your water intake too.
  3. i dunno but im on day 38 and my skin had been pretty matte but today by night it was oily im thinking it either has to do with not eating as healthy as i usually do the past few days, or it has to do with being mid-month for me in regard to my period
  4. ive been using differin dont know if its that or the yasmin (my estrogen was lowwww before) helping my skin heal faster, but its one of them
  5. yea ive "heard" from the western culture that it clogs pores..but aboriginal indonesian cultures and pacific island cultures use it on their skin constantly and...dont experience acne. i dunno..its never broken me out. what does break me out is jojoba, olive, almond, sesame..just about every other oil
  6. yea ive had on an off pain in both of mine..and i dont exercise or anything and have never had this before. im on week 5
  7. i use it every night..doesnt break me out, and my skin is very soft on week 5 of 'tane
  8. ive got to agree with you..i come back to look at this section every few days in hopes of someone posting a new success story (positive mental reinforcement for me..yay!) and ALL I SEE are: "omg IM ON HOUR 12 AND IT ISNT WORKING!" "omg IM BALD!" "omg ALL OF MY SKIN HAS PEELED OFF AND I HAVE NOTHING BUT MUSCLE AND SKULL LEFT ON MY FACE!" "omg ACCUTANE KILLED MY DOG!" but i dont know. im on my fifth week and i have to apply lip balm 4 or 5 times a day, and thats about it. my skins a bit dry if i
  9. omg..i cannot believe he did that to you. im so angry at him for you right now (not that that will help or anything... ) ugggh WTF?! sometimes i really really hate boys BUT girl you look so damn gorgeous now! im sure you were gorgeous before because a pretty face is a pretty face...but now your skin is glowing and youve got the confidence to go along with it. you flaunt that all up in his face and let him know what he missed. what an ass
  10. Day 14 yes ive been too lazy to update. my skin is drying out and clearing up..finally getting over the IB..ill post pics sometime over the next couple of days. ive been distracted by WoW
  11. ive read 6 months minimum, usually more 8-10 months on average im not sure im not sure and you can take vitamin E, silica, MSM, and vitamin c to help (though getting these things from foods would be best if you could) and if you can find a Green powder ( like freeze dried greens made into a powder) that will help a lot too. or, you could just make green smoothies (fruit smoothies with spinach/kale/whatever type of green added into it) depending on your diet
  12. soy/rice milk isnt fatty (bc when i started i thought the same thing but then i checked). if youre vegan, try taking it with a tablespoon of coconut oil/sesame oil/olive oil/flax seed oil or whichever oil you prefer. you could also take it with avocado (made into guacamole even) or olives (if you like olives? lol) or a handful of nuts or any type of nut butter spread onto toast or something. i make a fruit smoothie every morning and add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to it, and then take my accu
  13. i was wondering if anybody knew whether it would be alright to visit a CM doctor while on accutane. i know they often work with different herbal combinations, and that you arent supposed to take herbs while on accutane, but i guess im just wondering if there are any people on here who use a CM doctor regularly and continued to do so while on their course? also, has anybody gone through acupuncture while on accutane, or does anybody know whether or not this is alright? of course i can always as
  14. i hear ya mandy. my mother, me, and my 2 bros were on medicaid for 2 years after my dad walked out and took everything. just because the general nature of medicaid is "free" (not really..its basically your income taxes given back to you..) doesnt mean those receiving the aid should be looked at as being "unfair." certainly the circumstances leading to one being on medicaid are often nothing to be jealous of.. hope your app goes through mandy..it would save you a ton of financial burden, eh?